Sweet dreams...  

rm_36specialk 48F
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1/6/2006 12:28 pm

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3/24/2006 7:54 am

Sweet dreams...

Anticipation is just eating me up. I'm going to see him tonight, leaving right after work to make the 3 hour drive just to spend a little more than 24 hours with him. I was planning to leave tomorrow after work, but I arranged to take tomorrow off so I could leave a day early. I can't wait. I hate it that I only get to see him on the weekends. In a perfect world he'd be my neighbor or something close to that, instead I have to work it out to see him, and we're still keeping it a secret. I've never had a "long distance relationship" before, it's heart wrenching. I want to see him, be with him, but time is so limited. I talk to him on the phone everyday, sometimes it seems as if we talk all day.

When I close my eye's he's here with me, right beside me. I can smell him, touch him, taste him. He's here. If only I could keep my eye's closed and stay with him all day. Instead I open my eye's and he's gone, a figment, a sweet dream.

But tonight, when I lay my head down to sleep, he'll be beside me. He'll be right next to me while I'm sleeping. I won't be dreaming because I won't need to, my dream will be there with me.

Have you ever or would you ever consider a long distance relationship?

HeardLankaMalls 55M
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1/6/2006 1:46 pm

Sounds like fun K. Enjoy the trip and the time together!!

Long distance is ok for a start; but eventually, things have to get resolved to get closer, or keep the distance.

Good Luck

rm_Akirababe 29F
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1/6/2006 2:58 pm

Wow... I so totally understand how you feel... I dated someone halfway across the continent. It was brutal when I had to go back home and I knew that it would be ages til I could see him again. At least you get your weekends, me, it was at least a couple months til I'd see him again.... Good luck with the relationship, and keep your minds close, if not your bodies <3

CelticKarma 43F
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1/6/2006 3:20 pm

Yes, and yes... but distance and economics have always been my enemies. They have always met someone in the area before they made up their minds to come see me

Mmphmm 45M
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1/8/2006 6:08 am

Yes.. But I agree with Celtic Karma about distance and economics being major factors in a LDR That's where Cor's comment would come into play.

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