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10/25/2005 1:46 pm

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OK, when did our priorities get so messed up?

I was driving my children to dinner last night and listening in on their conversation and this is how it went...

My son had gone to visit a friend and my daughter is friends with his friend's younger sibling. Are you with me so far?? Anyway, my daughter wanted to know..."Did you go in her bedroom?" To which my son answered "yes". So my daughter wanted to know, "What does her bedroom look like?" The answer from my son..." a couple of mattresses on the floor and a computer."

Now this is what I want to know...When did it become a priority to have a computer but not a bed for our children??

I know, I know...maybe the computer was a gift from someone else in the family but ummm, I believe I would have suggested a couple of beds first.

Maybe it's just me. My children both have beds, and I certainly can't afford the luxuries of expensive things but their basic needs are taken care of. I'm a single mom so I know what it's like to sometimes have to tell my children "no".

Now this isn't an isolated son has other friends that are missing out on basic necessities but have things like computers, mp3 players, tv's in their rooms, ps2's. I just don't understand when our priorities got so screwed up.

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