Not just another boring night...  

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Not just another boring night...

As our eyes met across the club I knew he would be the one I'd go home with tonight. Tall and sexy didn't begin to describe this man. Dark eyes and hair, I could tell his body was sleek and muscular probably from years of playing sports. He was wearing a ball cap, low over his brow so I could just see his eyes, but only when he wanted me to. Neither of us were really into the party this night, neither of us dancing or talking to friends much, just standing at the bar, drinking and wishing seperately, yet together that we were somewhere else.

As I ventured over to where he was, I could see him shift in his disposition from that of bored to interrested. He watched me walk across the room. I'm not one to be mousey or shy, when I walk I walk with intent of getting attention. I'm tall so most men are intimidated by me but this night he was anything but timid. Walking up to him, licking my lips, readying myself to say whatever it is that I'm going to say to him, not knowing exactly what it would be but knowing that he would be leaving shortly with me, when suddenly I trip. I fall down right in front of him, hurting my knee and twisting my ankle.

No longer so sure of myself and embarrassed to pieces I couldn't look up to see who it was that was helping me up. When finally I was standing up, brushed off and able to collect myself I was standing face to face with him. "Are you alright?" This can't be the first words spoken between us. But it is. "Yes" I tell him that I'm ok because it would be too shameful to tell him that I was trying to get his attention and hurt myself in the process. "Let me help you to my car" he tells me. "Your car?" I can't help but be a little surprised. "Well, you were coming over here to take me home with you weren't you?" The smile on my face was all the answer he needed. The drive to his place was quiet, neither of us speaking just driving into the night, into the unknown.

When we arrived, his apartment dark inside, I could see shadows of furniture and the silhouette of a window and curtains in another room. He took my hand leading me through a doorway into what was clearly his bedroom. Sitting on his bed he examined my knee and ankle. "Looks like you'll be ok"

I stood up, put my arms around his neck, pulled him closer, smelling him first, breathing him in. He smells so good, an earthy scent. I kiss him, soft sweet kisses on his neck, opening his shirt to reveal a muscular chest and stomach. Licking his nipples, kissing his chest, reaching for his zipper on his pants, I feel him getting hard. I know he wants me too. Removing his pants, kneeling in front of him, I take his hard cock into my hand, rubbing just the head then slowly, watching his eyes watching me I put his dick in my mouth. Licking and sucking him, watching him, he grabs my head and pulls me down fully onto him. He is pulling my head down, a little more with each stroke, when suddenly he pulls my hair back and my head away. "Fuck me" These are the only words I can get out.

Lifting me up and in front of this bed of his, he turns me around, lifting my skirt up around my hips, rubbing my ass, then fingering my clit from behind. He pushes me over his bed, his hands cupping my breast, massaging them. I can feel his hardness against my wet pussy. I want him, but he is just teasing me. So I climb up on his bed...I'll just have to make him want me more. Reaching around I unzip my dress, sliding it down to reveal my tits, round, plump with erect pink nipples. Facing him now I massage my tits, lifting one to lick my nipple a bit, just for his enjoyment. He backs away, leaning against the wall watching me. Sliding my dress the rest of the way off, kicking it to the floor, there I stand on his bed wearing nothing but a pair of stilletoes.

I decide to give him what he wants...a show.

Now on my knees, my fingers running over my pussy, opening it, rubbing my clit, watching him the entire time. I never take my eyes off of him. Inserting 2 fingers into my pussy, he's getting excited watching me pleasure myself. I lay back now, rubbing my clit, licking my fingers and wanting him. Now I'm worked up and clearly ready to cum and he walks toward the bed and grabs my hands, and doesn't let me finish. "You'll cum when I'm ready for you to cum".

He lays on the bed and tells me to ride him. I'm more than happy to oblige him. Climbing on top of this beautiful man, his cock filling my pussy, he feels so good. Grinding my pussy on him, trying to cum, oh do I need to cum. He knows what I'm trying to do and pushes me back. "Ride my cock". So I turn around and fuck him with my ass toward him. He's pulling down hard on my hips with each downward motion, pulling me farther and farther down on him. He's ready to cum now, I can feel him getting harder and hotter inside of me. So I stop. "You'll cum when I'm ready for you to cum". Nasty trick to play but I did it all the same.

Climbing up the bed, positioning my pussy so he can lick it, and oh does he lick it. Grabbing my thigh's and pulling my pussy down on his face, licking me, driving me crazy, I'm so wet.
His tongue flicking my clit, I want to cum now!!

I move from his face, kissing him, licking all of my juices from his face. He pushes me face down on his bed and pulls my hips up and fucks me from behind. He's thrusting so hard inside of me, reaching his hand around and fingering my clit. I pull myself up and sit back on him, both of us on our knees now, giving him better access to my clit. Now I join in, fingering my clit, then squeezing his sack. "Now" is all he says. I pull forward, he comes with me, pushing himself deep inside of me I feel him cumming. His throbbing feels so hard, he's filling me up. My pussy tightens around him I'm cumming too.

As we lay there, exhausted, completely satisfied, I look over at him and realize I don't even know his name so I ask and his response is simiply a smile and "Ron".

(Disclaimer...this is fiction, I haven't had sex with Ron and anyone that resembles Ron in any way is strictly coincidental)

rm_rondue 40M

11/25/2005 6:23 pm

DAMN YOUR NICE... damn i almost came in my pants when i was fin with this story..why? why? damn u....i got one for you nice and wet...i will post it later ..once again good comeback...boy i think she like

rm_rondue 40M

11/25/2005 6:26 pm

oh i forgot the wink....

rm_tpgator 60M

11/25/2005 8:58 pm

Great story....reminds me of the time....thanks for relighting the memory...T

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