I may be a redneck?!?!?!  

rm_36specialk 48F
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11/13/2005 5:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I may be a redneck?!?!?!

Last night someone called me a fuckin' redneck. Most of the time I wouldn't care what people call me. I may be a redneck, I don't know. I live in the country, I have 5 acres of land, a house, I don't drive a big truck, my ex-psycho does though. I don't go to monster truck rallies, I prefer a nice concert or the theatre instead. I don't do gardens or arts and crafts, I work hard and pay my bills and spend the remainder of my time with my children or friends.

He called me a fuckin' redneck because I wouldn't fuck him. So now I am wondering if he thinks that he really "cut me down" by calling me this or was this just the best he could do??
He even said "git r done"...At that point I left. He's a college educated grown man, a teacher even. Hmmm...I would think that hanging out with children all day everyday he would be able to do much better than redneck.

So...if you were going to try to insult someone what would you call them or what would you say? I don't make it a habit of insulting people so I don't have a lot of experience in trying to hurt someone's feelings. If I don't like someone I just tell them what I think of them and life goes on. I've never lowered myself to calling names. But still I'd like to know...what would you say or call someone???

rm_JustCallMeDT 50F

11/13/2005 7:18 am

If calling you a "redneck" is the best this guy could do...well, he's an idiot.

1. The term "redneck" was derived many years ago. It was directed at those who worked hard, laborous jobs outside, such as farming. Their necks were often the most prominent feature exposed to the sun all day, therefor causing it to sunburn.
2. I was born and raised in the South, and although I'm often viewed as a professional on the outside, I've got a "redneck" streak at least a country-mile wide. This means I'll crawl in someone's shit in an instant if they piss me off. I'm a redneck girl, and damn proud of it.
3. I don't consider "redneck" an insult. After all, look how many wealthy "rednecks" there are in our country, the very comedian responsible for the catch-phrase "Git 'R Done" being one of them (he's also VERY educated to the surprise of many).
4. Forget all those redneck stereotypes. In reality, it's not a lifestyle...ie, big trucks and chewin' tobacco, but an attitude.

The next time someone calls you a "redneck" say "thank you" as you drive off in your sports car. Be proud to join hard-working, protective, outspoken, and educated people like me.

As for the idiot who chose to call you this because you wouldn't fuck him, hunt him down and lodge his balls through his nostrils. No, not because he called you a "redneck," but because he chose to belittle you in general for not letting him have his way. Fucker.

small12handle 43F
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11/13/2005 7:32 am

Girl that was the only thing that popped up in his head. It sounds like to me he is the one that is a redneck. I am sure you heard the say "You can catch more bees with honey than with vinager." Kill him with kindness. You really don't have to answer back at him. Just in case he states someting in front of your children I would definatly let him know that he is being very childish. Don't get to his level, that is were he wants you. Because he thinks that he would be the one on top. If you give them an inch he will take a mile and run with it.

wistfuljester 64M

11/14/2005 4:16 pm

You know, I've been on this site for a year, and I still can't figure out where guys like him come from. I'll be damned if I can figure out what makes them think they are God's gift to women and there must be something wrong with you for not having sex with them.

Good riddance, I say. I'm glad you found out what an idiot he was.

Oh, and by the way: having been raised in rural Oklahoma, I'm damn proud to be a redneck!

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