I know I bitch a lot...  

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11/13/2005 5:48 am

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I know I bitch a lot...

I still don't understand people. I guess I never really will. This is what's bothering me today ( I know I bitch a lot huh?).

My ex-psycho husband that I was married to and supported not only financially but also emotionally for 15 years has decided to go to college. Yep, for 15 years he held odd jobs for a few months at a time, never staying anywhere any longer than hmmmm...I think the longest he held a job while we were married was 2 years. Anyway, now he decided that he is going to further his education and do something that interrests him.

Now this is what I'm wondering...Why couldn't he do this while we were married? Did I not give him enough reason to want to do better? Having 2 children together, purchasing cars and property and a home. Wouldn't you think that he watching me do all of these things on my own (well except for the children part) that he would want to do something for himself to be a part of our marriage? Wouldn't you think that he would have a goal, a plan, something to work toward for his family? I thought that was what you're suppose to do.

Maybe I'm wrong, afterall I'm not "college educated". I'm just a hard working woman that had a goal and worked for it and although not entirely there yet, I'm getting there.

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