Feelin kinda dumb today  

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11/7/2005 10:36 am

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Feelin kinda dumb today

I'm doing my company payroll today and thinking about how stupid I am...I wrecked my car yesterday. I wasn't drunk, not impared in any way, not sleepy, noone ran me off of the road, no one was hurt (except my car), and now I'm feeling pretty dumb. See, I was trying to do too many things at once. I was applying makeup, talking on my cell, jotting down a phone number (from the person I was talking to) so I could call someone else to ask a favor for a friend all while I was driving down a busy narrow road. Well before I knew it I was off the road, which has no shoulder, into the mud, it pulled me down into the ditch, I hit a pole, messed up the side of my car,and busted out the window. As I sat there in the police car I was thinking "wow, I've gotta be pretty stupid to do all of that crap and risk my own life like that."
I was so close to being killed you have no idea. Another 10 inches to the right and I would have run head on into the pole and I was driving at least 60 when it happened. STUPID!!!!

Please, take my advice...I know sometimes we all get in a hurry and try to do too many things at once, but your life isn't worth it. This was an eye opener. When my parents showed up to pick me up and my mom came running up to the police car worried that I was hurt, I thought how horrible of me to have put her through the worry of wondering if I was alright or not. I am fine. My car on the other hand is in intensive care for a while.

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