Bah hum bug  

rm_36specialk 48F
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12/2/2005 8:25 am

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Bah hum bug

Usually this time of year I'm very excited, already have my tree up and decorated, usually have a few presents for the kids under it. But this year is different. This year I'm just not into the holiday season. I'm going to have to get into it for my kids but I just don't feel it this year.

Last year at this time I'd taken the kids to buy our first "real tree" (we'd always had a fake one before) and had it decorated. But last year's Christmas was the beginning of the end of my marriage. My now ex-psycho didn't do anything last year to wish me a merry Christmas. He didn't get me a gift, didn't wish me a merry Christmas, didn't buy our children anything and mostly made my entire holiday miserable. He sat in his chair on Christmas morning and as the children opened presents and I video taped, they brought him presents that I had purchased and had taken them to purchase and in the midst of this he told our children to "give your mom one to open". The children looked under the tree and couldn't find even one thing for me under it. They then looked at me in disbelief that I had no presents. They came and gave me hugs and kisses and I reminded them that they had already given me the presents that they had made for me at school and that I was happy just to watch them open thier gifts. I then turned to my husband and called him an ass for putting them through that. He said that he didn't realize that there was nothing for me under the tree. "Dumbass I called can there be anything under there if you didn't go buy something or make something".

Anyway, the memory of last Christmas linger's on in my mind...I served him with divorce papers for Valentine's day. My little present to him. (He borrowed $200.00 from me and had a print that I had purchased framed for me) Not really a gift if you ask me, but it sure is pretty.

So, this year I'll be celebrating with my children and my family and hopefully Mr.X. So let's all hope that this year's holiday is better than last year's.

Have any holiday stories to share?

HeardLankaMalls 55M
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12/2/2005 12:54 pm

I hope you have a much better Christmas this year K. It sounds like you have a great attitude for it, and maybe even someone special to share it with (besides the kids, of course). I'm sure as the date gets closer, you might get a bit more into the spirit (or spirits ) and out of the bah hum bugs.

Probably the worse Christmas I can recall (just a quickie story) is when my grandmother (father's mom) passed away on Christmas (peacefully in her sleep). We were still fairly young (teens maybe), so it was sad; but she had lived a full life. I've had a few things happen on my birthday (mostly bad recently)...but won't bother sharing that

rm_luke69iner 48M
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12/2/2005 1:57 pm

Definitely decorate for your kids. Fake liking the holidays if you need to and eventually you'll start to enjoy the good parts of it again. Remember your Ex is X'd so treat all bad holiday memories with him as X'd. You have the freedom of a whole new life of cool memories to come. Enjoy them!

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Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

DTand5Speed 41M/50F

12/2/2005 3:44 pm

I'm doin the "bah humbug" thing, too. It's so hard since my daughter moved out. The tree is up. Decorations scattered about. Lights around the outside of the house. The smell of cinnamon floating throughout. And still, all I can muster is a "whoop-de-freakin-do."

Sorry, this is the story I decided to share, lol. Well!!! It's what I'm feeling! - DT

rm_titsandtires 51M/41F
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12/2/2005 8:23 pm

Last year, tits told me for weeks in advance that she was going to a friends house to work on my christmas present. So from mid-November through to Dec. 22nd, she was over at her friends house for 8-20 hours a week. Sometimes until midnight or later during the week. I would ask her questions and make comments during the whole thing, hoping she would slip, and tell me something to give me a hint. Nothing.

During this time, since she was away so much, the house had gotten a little messier than normal, and a couple of times I noticed I couldn't find things. Stupid things, like a t-shirt, or whatever. I just wrote it off as being caused by the lack of order, and the fact that I put laundry away by making a big pile of clean cloths on the bed in the extra bedroom. Sometimes they fall on the floor, end up under the bed, you know.

I really truely had no idea what she was doing for me that could have possibly taken so long. She didn't know how to sew, knit, paint, (at least not stay in the lines) not much carpentry skills, or tools, not much of a crafts person really at all. So I really started wondering what the hell she was doing, especially after she started coming home full of sheer joy, telling me how amazing it was looking, and how much I was gonna be shocked and how much I would like it.

On christmas morning, I think she was more excited to give it to me than I was about opening it. In fact I'm sure she was.

I opened this large box and found a quilt. Not just any quilt, but the most amazing quilt in the world.

You see, I had a bunch of t-shirts that I had for different sentimental reasons. One was a custom air brushed one I had made in the early 80's, one was a work shirt of a friend of mine, with his name and the station call letters embroidered on it. (he's a DJ) One was a shirt that my kids got me for fathers day many years ago. Another was this, another was that, they all had a story to go with them. And ties. And boxers. (yeah, boxer shorts, but cool looking ones)

She willed herself to learn how to sew, then how to quilt, made this amazing pattern of all these special items to me, put them together just right, and backed it with a peice of flannel that has a sports theme print on it. This is now my "sunday on the couch watching football" quilt. And during the winter, it is with me every weekend on the couch. And lately, it's usually around my shoulders when I blog, too.

Maybe I'll do a post about it sometime, and put up a picture of it.


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