26 HOURS...  

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1/8/2006 4:19 pm

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26 HOURS...

I was fortionate enough to spend 26 hours with Mr.X this weekend. Not something that I've been able to do before. We went to bed together, woke up together and went to bed together again. I know it seems crazy to think that we could do that in just 26 hours, but it happened.

He cooked dinner for me last night, I'd never before eatten anything like what he made but it was wonderful. We spent the entire day doing a lot of nothing, and I loved every minute of it. He wanted to know if I'd guessed where he's from...yep, I'd guessed, but was I right? Yep. I took him a couple of CD's, I guess he'll listen to them this week. He surprised me by telling me that he's a couple of years younger than I thought he was, and I wrote a post about that. So, what did he do? He called me and thought that out of the 26 hours we'd spent together that the age thing was the only thing that I'd thought of. I know, I said I wasn't going to write about him reading my blog, but I can't help it. If I'm going to be honest then I'm going to be completely honest. In fact, it wasn't the only thing I thought of, but yes, I was thinking about it. It isn't every day that you find out that you're dating someone 8 years younger than you. Does it bother me? No. Does it make a difference? No. But I did think about it. Did I intend to hurt his feelings with the post that I wrote? NO! I deleted it, not something that I've ever done before. I usually don't care what other people think, but I would never intentionally do anything to hurt him, so I deleted it. It was just one little thing that happened during those 26 wonderful hours with him. Afterall, I can't spell out for all of you in detail everything that we do...or can I?

So... Mr.X, I'm sorry, I never intended to hurt you. I took away so many wonderful thoughts of this weekend, but some things are going to be private, just between us. I was curious about the age thing, and wondered how many other 30 something women were dating 20 something men. Afterall, the name of my blog is "can someone tell me why?" because I just have so many questions about everything. YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW THAT. I love you no less than I did before I found out how old you are, and we both know that we are ageless and timeless. I love you more with each day that passes and I hope you know that no matter what I write in this silly little blog, nothing is going to change that.

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