10-1 and the list is done  

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10/18/2005 4:15 pm

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10-1 and the list is done

10-I'm extremely impatient.
9-I'm scared to death to have a man tell me that he loves me and know that he means it. I don't want the responsibility.
8-I am often more critical of myself than I am of others.
7-I don't want to fix the world I just want to keep my little corner of it safe and sane and happy.
6-The last book I read was "Illusions" by Richard Bach.
5-When people ask my opinion on the subject of marriage I tell them that I believe that you should marry your best friend, however I couldn't imagine marrying my best friend. He's my boss.
4-I am the only one of my siblings that is or has ever been divorced.
3-I am happier now than I have been in 16 years.
2-Sometimes I think I should have been born a man...not for sexual reasons but because I don't posess some of the motherly or feminine qualities that other women I know have. One of my friends tells me almost everyday that I'm a "hard ass", and I tell her that you have to be to get ahead. But when it comes to matters of my heart I'm just a romantic deep down and although I am scared of love I want to be loved.
1-There is no one else like me

So...with the list being finally done, if you have any questions for me, go right ahead and ask.

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