I need a good fuck  

rm_305gators 31M
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5/22/2006 3:30 pm
I need a good fuck

So i came home from work today, fight traffic, dealt with rude people all day and i need a good fuck. Now i am a person who likes to have passionate sex. I love to kiss, touch, lick, breathe hard, grab, all that fun stuff... but today i just want a fuck. I just wish I could find a hot girl walking down the street as i pull into my driveway, give her a little wink and have her follow me into my apartment for some good sex. Then when we are done, say goodbye, no strings attatched. i saw a girl, probably 19 years old, this morining as i went to work. She was walking up the street wearing a nice pair of Brazilian jeans, a tight shirt and her hair braided. She was probably 5'5 115lbs, nice tanned skin. Maybe i shoulve offered her a ride? would it have been worth being late to work?

Ive never had a one night stand, and ive never had a fuck buddy, so maybe thats my problem...

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