What the hell are we doing here?  

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1/20/2006 7:03 am

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What the hell are we doing here?

Quite simply - Having FUN! LOL

My wife and I made a promise to ourselves for the year 2006, to get out of the RUT we had somehow found ourselves in! A lot of things had happened in the last 5 or so years! Not all of it good, but not all of it bad either. I wont bore you with the details but sweeping changes in our professional and home life forced us into some situations we probably would not have been in other wise.

We moved out from Houston to our retirement place a little early, like 10 years early! LOL Although unexpected, it wasn't that unpleasant. The manner in which we moved out there and the facilities that were there wasn't exactly what we had in mind when we started the whole project. But it will do, we muddled through and made the best of a strained situation.

Suffice to say - we moved from our old home (first house we ever bought!) of 12 years (1575 sq. ft.) and into an 1100 sq. ft. home with a 1500 sq. ft. barn and 5 other buildings on the place. We found it funny that we STILL need more storage space for all of our JUNK! LOL we have no clue as to how we managed with our modest home in Katy for all those years.

Anyway, after all this upheaval in our lives we tried to find some semblence of "normalcy" whatever the hell that is.. We put blinders on and focused on job, farm and kids for a few years, then we noticed we had settled into a RUT! Friends sometimes come and go. Friends move away, get new jobs, get transferred etc. etc. etc. So you make new friends! These new friends do not know your past, and they usually share no secrets. Life got a bit "boring" to say the least.

You know how it is, you have a circle of friends from work - they don't know the REAL you. You have a circle of friends that your kids play together, usually neighbors or kids' schoolmates - they don't know the REAL you either, nor would you want them to. Then you have that circle of friends you may have known since back in elementary or high school you still keep in touch with - these folks know you all too well at times! LOL And then you might end up with a small circle of friends that you can party with, let your hair down and not be afraid to say what is on your mind. That's the circle of friends we are trying to rebuild and bolster!

That's why we are here! We wanted to go through the system and find a few good men so to speak. People we could party with and have over to the house for some steak and spuds and maybe a dip in the hot-tub. After we find a few good stiff men we wanted to concentrate on finding a few couples maybe. After a while, we would have a small group of people that when there is a party at the Possum's place - they would come running with a grin on their face and a towel in hand! What could be finer that sitting down and sharing good food, good liquor and some good company among people just as twisted and jaded as you are!??

So we decided, AdultFriendFinder and ALT were the most popular spots on the Internet to go trolling so to speak. We weren't angels, but we weren't predators either! So we sat down and spent a couple of days putting together a profile that covered most of the bases. We sat and spent some time filling out the on line questionnaires and surveys to take full advantage of the systems. Trying to be serious about what we were doing, and not hurt anyones feelings along the way, at the same time, protect some of our privacy.

WOW! What a response! It is definitely flattering and one hell of an ego boost to come home to 20-56 emails in your "in box". Then it dawns on you.... Not everyone in the in box is "your type" or into the same things you are, or worse - WAY the hell out on the bleeding edge of what some people consider normal!! I mean, who the hell likes to tie up their nuts in leather and go after it with a razor blade?? (shivers at the thought)

So we spent hours and hours responding to one person after another... Weeding through the totally unimaginative one liners like "Wow! You're HOT! Call me at (phone number) or email me at email address at some freebie ISP" Yeah right! LOL Not only do we blow off people like this - we think they are predators that want one thing, get you off the system and gather information on you! Not what we wanted. We wanted honest people who were serious about hooking up with like minded people...

And then we come to the others like the guy who sent a pic with his johnson wrapped in lots and lots of leather shoestring looking things, his balls spread so far apart (and bound tightly!) you wonder if they are even attached together somehow.... Made me squirm around in my damn seat just looking at it! And we loved the text of the message, one word, "Interested". Like this one word was to tell us something we didn't already know about this stranger! Like it was supposed to intrigue us and make us want to know more. It had the opposite effect, I assure you. It showed us that whoever this guy was, he was obviously into pain and scrotum torture and was so inarticulate that he could only type a one word reply - maybe with only one hand? Does this sound like someone you want to spend a Saturday night with? Nah, not us... The scrotum torture and pain is one thing... But if he cant put two sentences together, much less an entire paragraph, what are we going to talk about when we meet up?

I will say this, the guys who sent cock shots with a ruler next to it - E for effort and honesty! LOL

Anyway - We will document our adventures here from time to time and make entries when we can. So check back now and then to get the juicy details of a husband and wife prowling for new friends with benefits!

Mr. Possum

ididntseenuttin 45M

1/22/2006 11:39 am

Dont know if this will work either, but I would love for you guys to contact me on YMessenger. The email part of my account does not send for some reason.

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