boredom leads to shaved balls  

rm_2nutz 47M
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7/10/2005 7:46 am

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7/17/2006 6:36 pm

boredom leads to shaved balls

lol, never ever get here I was showering and shaveing when some little voice in my head goes "you like a shaved pussy, don't you think women like shaved balls and cocks?" the next thing I know on goes the cream and off comes the hair....and let me tell ya I do think that I have a fairly cute pair of bald balls.

Off to see how it feels getting some

bluuu69 65M/38F
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7/10/2005 8:33 am

im not board but shaveing realy makes for much better feeling and looks nice to

newforyou29 42M/40F

7/10/2005 8:55 am

Bordem is not always a bad thing. It promotes you to try new things. Personally I like shaved balls. My husband shaves his and they are so nice to lick on. Hope you enjoy your new pair.

demonicsexkitten 41F
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7/10/2005 10:24 am

but what about stubble once it starts growing in again?? or will you keep shaved after this??
and women who've been with shaved men.... does the stubble cause irritation? or is the hair not that noticable when it starts coming back?

rm_browneyes58 58F
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7/10/2005 12:27 pm

I like a shaved man myself,but hair doesn't bother me. It just depends on the persons own comfort zone.

rm_wet4cum 39F

7/10/2005 1:57 pm

I rahter prefer shaved si nicer to play wih them...;0) hope you enjoy the heigthen sensations...

rm_Suruase 45M
2 posts
7/10/2005 3:17 pm

i think you may find they get a little sweaty. mine do. and it's a bit strange when they start growing back. you do get used to it. i tend to find i get more ball sucking action that way mmmmmmmmm.

hottimesallround 43F
2 posts
7/10/2005 4:51 pm

Bald balls .... one word ... mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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