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4/11/2006 11:48 am

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It has been way to long since my last post on this site so if anyone out there reading this cares, let me catch you up to speed.
First school, the semesters almost over, YEAH! But then I realize that I'm going to be taking my finals soon, and my term papers due in a week, and then about a week after classes end for the spring semester I'm going to be right back at school going for the summer semester. I don't have to take classes during the summer but I want to get this over with as fast as I can. I think I'm going to get a B average in all my courses so yeah for me.
The other big deal is I finally broke down and got a J-O-B, it's at a major retail chain, ( I won't mention it here ). The position I wanted was in sporting goods or electronics, do you think I got it? Hell no! They're putting me in shoes!?

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4/11/2006 12:18 pm

welcome back

I'm a

i'm here to stay

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4/11/2006 12:38 pm

Sometimes you have to start at the bottom to get to the top, congratulations.

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