Is that a phone in your pocket?  

rm_2giveyou 35M
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5/11/2006 11:25 am
Is that a phone in your pocket?

As it turns out several major telecommunications firms have been turning over tens of MILLIONS ( maybe more ) cell phone calls to the government for the “Domestic spying” program, I don’t know about any one else but I’m going to brush off my old copy of 1984 and wait for the party to start.

Now I for one have nothing to fear when it comes to my cell phone calls, I’m not a terrorist and the only incrementing thing they’ll find out about me is I’m a sick fuck. Anyone that’s ever talked to me in person ( outside of family ) knows what kind of stuff that rattles around in my head, and a lot of it’s not pretty. So I say to all Americans out their, turn your conversations from giving each other pointers on Jell-O recipes to the best way to perform a enema before a night of hot steamy anal sex. Or instead of inviting someone over for a tupper ware party invite them for a evening at your local “glory hole”. In no time flat big brother will no longer listen to your calls for terror threats instead they’ll be listening and jerking off while strangling themselves with their own ties.

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