Review of Centerfold's in Boston  

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Review of Centerfold's in Boston

We spent a week in Boston a few weeks back (as you should know if you read our blog). We were staying on the edge of what once was the 'Combat Zone'. Inside of that area were the only two strip clubs left inside the Boston city limits. They were directly across the street from one another. As a side note, they were very close to two large porno stores which we also examined in depth, but that is not what we are talking about today.

After Nina walked buy it every day for a week and stood talking to the bouncer every day we were obligated to go on our last day before we came home. We decided to go to Centerfold's as all reviews we read online suggested that the 'Glass Slipper' across the street was populated by miserable strippers in a gloomy atmosphere.

Centerfolds is broken into 3 areas. There is the first floor for losers like us (or at least male losers, Nina got to see the second floor and chat with some of the girls up there on her potty breaks). The second floor is floor those who pay a little more and get a little more exclusivity. There is a 3rd area that is for the high rollers that has a shower dance (but that is all we know about it, we certainly didn't get to go there).

We got to Centerfold's around 6 PM and the place was pretty dead. It was the transition period and most of the afternoon dancers were wrapping up. Which was unfortunate for Nina because Star (the star attraction for her) was doing her last show when we sat down. But at least Nina got to see her dancing-goth-pole-climbing chick, if only once. She was beautifull with long dark hair and star tatooes down her back and above each ankle. She climbed the pole all the way to the top ... mmmmmm.... and slid down upside down to within one foot of the floor.

Unfortunately after the afternoon shift left the dancers were mostly boring blondes. We were pretty much ignored and the dancers concentrated on the single guys. There was no real sociallizing, just the women being mercenary.

That was until we began speaking to one of the hosts named Anthony. He was very cool. He just chatted for a while and told us about the club and introduced us to some of the girls. He brought over one of the massage girls (whose name escapes us) and gave Nina a wonderfull massage. Best massage ever she says.

We met a nice brunette waitress named Bethany who Nina also really thought was cute (she sent away the other blonde waitress and told her to send Bethany). She introduced us to a blueberry mixed drink that Nina absolutely loved. I had a little and liked it as well.

She also introduced us to the concept of how they make their money. Apparently they take your credit card and keep it until you are done buying stuff. carefull! You have to purchase 'Centerfold's Dollars' to get massages and private dances. These go for $20 a piece and are charge a 6% commission (so $20 costs about $23). We got one for the massage, and two for dances. The dances only last one song and are very strictly dances and not lap dances. They are very very strict there. They keep the girls safe but also ride herd on the girls to make sure they follow the routine. The stage dances were a bit dull due to this as the procedure was 3 songs: 1st, girl dances in sexy outfit, 2nd (indicated by DJ shouting incomprehensibly) girl takes off dress and top, and 3rd song (again indicated by annoying DJ shouting name of next girl) would be totally nude. A lot of spontaneity was removed by this routine.

Still, we did see some decent dancers as the night wore on. Anthony told us about one who would pole climb and we waited for her a little later than we had intended to be there. It was worth it. She was very nice and when we talked with her she was very personable.

We were there 5 hours. Overall Herb found it to be an OK place but not fantastic. Nina loved it. She liked the atmosphere, the hosts (at least Anthony), and the music (it seemed like the girls chose their music and it was a variety of types of music). She didn't like the stinky pee'ed on bathroom that women had to use, but they did send someone over quickly to clean it up.

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