THOUGHT YOU KNEW.............  

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9/23/2005 1:48 am

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THOUGHT YOU KNEW.............

Scientists have determined that the average time of intercourse lasts 4 minutes.
The average number of strokes is 9 per minute, making the average intercourse 36 strokes long. Since the average length of a penis is about 6 inches, the average girl receives 216 inches of penis or 18 feet of penis per intercourse.

If the average girl does it 3 times a week, (that makes 156 times annually) 156x 18 feet of penis makes 2808 feet, or just over a half mile of penis per year.
If a girl starts having sex at 16,well since the average life span of a woman is 75, you could say that you could be getting 2808 feet of penis x 59 years of sex makes 165,672 feet, or 55,224 yards, or a little over 31 miles of penis in your

Anyone whose getting more than that, well, yer just a big ol' slut.

Leave some for the rest of them young ladies.

I thought this was really funny!!!!!!!!!!

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