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I awoke feeling somewhat refreshed.Master did not speak as he leashed me and led me on all fours back to my cell.I saw that some straw bedding had been thrown in the cell along with a thin blanket.These were items I would discard as rubbish at home but here and now it felt like christmas.I immediately knelt at Masters feet and thanked him.
"Tidy it up"
"Yes sir, I will tidy it up Master ,thank you so much Master."
I arranged the straw into one bundle - not quite enough to give any real comfort but enough to cover the piece of floor i slept on.I placed the light ragged blanket on top.Master raised me to my knees and pushed me into a corner.A blindfold was placed over my eyes.
"Touch your nose to the wall!"repeating I instantly obeyed.
Master left and i was alone.
I was left for about 4 hours and my knees were sore.My muscles ached and cramps had set in.The hardest thing to do is fight a cramp when you may not move but I learnt that the pain subsides if you ignore it.The Nightmaster came for me.
"you will put on you first show tonight bitch.
"Yes Master"
"and you'd better make sure its good "
" yes Master I shall make sure I put on a good show"
I was led into the same room as the previous night where the men watched the girls.A similar number of men were milling aroun drinking and talking.I was the entertainment for the night.My hands were raised above my head and i was on tiptoes.A larger vibrator with a turning head and bigger than the last was placed in my dirty cunt.A metal hook was placed into my anus and also attached by rope to the hook that held my hands.This pulled my backside higher and pain shot threw my bacpassage.
"I suggest very strongly that you do not move"
I had already worked that out .
"yes Master thank you Master
"pick a box"
I was horrified,it was bad enough being hung like this with a giant hook up my ass but how was I to resist moving while being lashed.Tears pricked my eyes and Master smiled.
"number 3 please Master"
a leather belt was taken from the box,My heart sank.Master came towards me and i struggled to stifle my sobs.He reached out with both hands and pinched my nipples very hard.I let out a small cry.
"Now we cant have that now can we?"
I wanted to point out it was just a very small cry.
"No Master, I'm sorry Master,"
I was gagged a ball placed into my mouth, so big my jaws strained to accomadate it.
"thank you Master"
muffled slurs was all he heard.
"do not forget to count slut and tell everyone what a slut you are after each stroke"
"Yes Master"
The first stroke opened a welt from the previous night.My shocked body trembled as the fire ripped through it.
"1 stroke for the slut that I am, thank you Master"
"2 stokes for the slut that i am , Thank you Master"
I could just get the words around the ball,my syliva freely falling from my lips.My body involuntarily shuddered after each lash I felt as though I was being electrocuted .He stopped at 20 lashes I knew he had drawn blood.It was obvious he was very pleased with himself and I was about to relieve his pleasure.He undid my hands and removed the hook.My anus throbbed and pounded.He pushed me to my knees.I undid his trousers with my mouth - I had learnt well last night and was faster.I pulled his boxer shorts slightly down and sucked him into my mouth.I licked and sucked all the length without placing my hands on him.As he exploded he withdrew and his seed fell to the floor.
"i know your not letting that go to waste are you bitch"
"No Master"
"what would you like to do with it?"
"I'd like to lick it up please Master"
I knew what would happen if the correct responses were not given.I felt so helpless resigned to my plight.
"And what are you willing to do for me if I allow it?"
"I will do whatever you ask Mster"
"Oh yes my dear,you shall"
"Go ahead Slut, lick it up with your tongue"
"Thank you Master"
I licked every drop up ,afraid of the repercussions if I did not please my audience.
"are you not a lucky bitch, slut?"
"yes Master thank you for being so kind Master"
"and now you will earn my kindness"
"Yes master"
"You learn well little slut,I may enjoy you yet"
"yes Master, Thank you Master"
"right my obedient little Bitch, now to work"
Another slave was leash walked on fours into the room.I could see she had suffered as I had.A dildo was placed into my anus.The slave was given one end of a skipping rope,Master held the other end.
"skip Bitch and dony drop either of them out of your pussy or your ass"
"yes Master"
"I began skipping"
It was impossible.I squeazed as hard as I could but the vibrator in my ass fell free.
"assume the position"
I already knew what it was.I lay down, chest shoulders and nose touching the floor in front of me.I raised my ass high into the air for my Master.
"Make sure you pull those cheeks open hard"
"Yes Master"
I pulled my ass cheeks as wide as I could and suddenly became aware of all the eyes intently staring at my delicate place.But that was not what they had come for.
The first of 20 again The shaking returned as my body uncontrollably reacted to the onslaught.I of course counted each one and thanked my Master graciously.
"spread your legs whore!"
I began to cry, I could not control myself.I fought to control the sobs as this quivered my body.I spread my legs as wide as I could.The first swipe wrapped itself under and cut into the flesh of my pussy I am still unaware of how I bore the pain.I almost spat my thanks out through my teeth.Again twenty much more severe than the first.I didn't know how much more punishment I could take I had to make a better effort to please my Masters.
i started to skip again.I squeezed with all my might.Just as I thought I would lose again Master stopped us.
"On your knees bitch!"
I knelt.Master took the rope from the other slave and walked her to me.
"Spread your legs!"
she too obeyed instantly.
"have you ever sucked pussy bitch?"
I was totally mortified.
"No Master ,never sir"
"Well its your lucky day then isn't it"
"yes Master"
"do you want to suck her out?"
I wante to die .Nothing was worse than this ,I just couldn't do it!
The blows came swiftly.My hesitation had been to long.His strong arms came down as hard as he could ,repeatedly reminding me of my place.
"Lay flat on the floor!"He continued flaying me while he spoke.I immediately lay flat as he rained the blows up and down my back, legs, calves and shoulders.Even the soles of my feet were mercilessly punished.
"Turn over!"
Instantly now I aimed to please.I cursed myself for even thinking I had a choice,I no longer belonged to me.His blows were just as severe on the softer side of my body the welts raising along the white flesh.When he had finished he had broken a sweat.
"Get to your knees!"
I could not move fast enough.Through the pain I moved quick enough for him to see I had succummend.I wanted him to know I had been broken.He did not need to ask the question again.I begged to suck this slaves pussy and moaned as he grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face deep into her red pussy lips.I licked and sucked hard and long,fear coating the taste.I could not be whipped again.As she came he rubbed my face deeper into her and told me to clean her.I did it eagerly.
"Now her ass Bitch"
"yes Master, Thank you Master"
I pushed my tongue deep up into her ass, she wriggled onto my face promted by Master.I licked and cleaned and tried to please Master.
He pulled me up by my hair and dragged me to the drooling men.
"Have her!shes nothing but a filthy slut!"
Many hands grabbed at me frenzied from the spectacle they had just enjoyed.
"tell Them you are a filthy slut Bitch"
"I am a filthy slut!"
"I am a filthy Slut!"
"keep repeating it so they dont forget!"
I repeated it over and over as I was violated again and again.Cocks in every oriface and one in each hand at all times.I was fucked and buggered hard by each of them.Each of them was sucked until they came and all seed was swallowed .All the timeI reminded them that i was a filthy slut,even with my mouth full.When they had finished with me and they were all spent,I was taken on all fours to a corridor.a small cage like frame was fixed to the floor.I was forced into it and my feet were strapped to 2 corners my legs spread wide.My arms were cuffed wide above my head.A round collar was put aroun my neck and attached to the cage frame.I could not move.Streched wide and open and left for anyone to do as they pleased.anyone and everyone who passed had a passion to satisfy.All sorts of objects were pushed and pulled in and out of my pussy.My ass was pulled and stretched and felt about to split.Two cocks were forced into my mouth at once and I struggled to please them both.Over and over I was used and abused .I had to inform everyone that I wastoo willfull and did not obey my Msters and so had to be punished .Everyone was very willing to help me learn.My pussy , my mouth and my ass were sore and aching.My poor nipples were swollen and painful.Master released me.The vibrators were replaced in my pussy and ass.Two very tight clamps were put on my already sore nipples and i flinched.Master laughed and I relaxed slightly.I was taken on all fours back to my cell.My arms were cuffed behind me an I was told to lie on my front.The clamps squeezed, twisted and dug into my nipples almost tearing them off.The pain shot through my body.The blind fold was placed back on.
"Dont you dare move Bitch!"
"Yes Master, I will not move"
"Bear your pain and learn to obey without question!"
"yes Master I will learn to obey without question,thank you for my disipline Master and for taking the time to teach this wreched Sut"
I heard him walk out, and I was still.

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You are an absolutely accomplished author,with a vivid imagination,young slut.Only hope for your sake that the fantasy mainly remains.................a fantasy!!

rm_2doasuplz 49F
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On the contrary jm4345 I very much intend to carry most of it out!

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very nice story

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