shanghaid' (4 ladies only)  

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11/30/2005 10:09 am

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shanghaid' (4 ladies only)

In a state of shock, I noticed the sting from my ass cheeks was turning into a tingling in my already wet pussy. "Can you at least close the door", I stammered. Smack another swat and then another. "OW...OWWW What's that for?" Don't you know the magic words? "Abrah cadabra?" NO silly
it's; "PLEASE, Captain Shane"

"Would you like some coffee Shelley?" "Only if you KISS my ass better first"... SMACK!! Please Sir? That's better he whispered as he slipped his fingers under the string of my thong and gently tugged at it knowing the effect on my (not so)privates. He blew a cool breeze as his other hand softly traced the contours of my backside.

Then YANK, my panties were at my knees. "The captain collects these", as he finshed slipping them off. "Very nice And wet smell wonderful. Just one more thing we better cool that HOT ass off!"

I heard him open something then gasped as I felt icy cold.. "It's a popsicle", he whispered as I felt the cold liquid dribble down my crack only to be lapped up by his kisses and licks...Want a taste?"he assked (pun intended) He started to help me up.

AS I was getting up I felt the bulge in his pants and thought I've only been here 5 minutes then noticed I was getting hotter and wetter. I started rubbing the growing bulge.

to be continued
Well coffeetime

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