My first time (curiosity satisfied)  

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12/26/2005 8:25 pm

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My first time (curiosity satisfied)

It was approaching Christmas 2000, when Steve a friend
took pity on me, we were discussing works Christmas parties
and I mentioned that because I was self employed and there
was only me in the business, my party would very boring,
he suggested that I should go on his works do, it was only
going to be a pub crawl, but I was welcome to come along, this
sounded good to me, better than trying to party by myself
so I accepted.
As I got ready to go out on the Friday night I was looking forward
to having a good night out, we all met in a town centre pub
and once everyone was present we started to do the tour of
the pubs, as it got late the younger ones of the group were
dicussing what club they were going to, I certainly didn’t
fancy a club neither did Steve along with Ian and Paul, we
might sound like miserable gits but to us the clubs are just
full of kids, Paul suggested we go to his local, we could
get some ‘after time’ there, sounded like a good idea to
all of us, so we said our farewells to the others and left.
We had a few more drinks in Paul’s local, but about 1am the
landlord wanted to close up, paul suggested we went round
to his house to continue the party, Ian declined as he had
something to do In the morning and ordered himself a taxi,
leaving me Paul and Steve to continue the party at Paul’s
When we arrived out came the JD my favourite tipple, I wasn’t
long before Steve was falling a sleep in the chair, paul
suggested that he should crash in the spare room, Steve
looked at me and asked if I minded, seeing as he was leaving
me with a guy I had never met until that night, I told him everything
would be fine, as he stood up he stumbled, to be expected
considering the amount of alcohol he had consumed, paul
said “I better help him” and guided him through the door,
I could hear the laughing as Paul struggled to get Steve
up the stairs without him falling.
After 5 minutes or so Paul returned wearing only a bathrobe,
saying “it’s good to get out of them smokey clothes, we got
some more to drink and just began to chat, not about anything
in particular just general chit chat, Paul asked if I was
into watching porn I answer “yes, but when you’ve seen one
you’ve seen em all” to which Paul replied “let’s see what
I can find” he knelt beside the television and started to
rummage through some video tapes, he said “watch this then,
this is not the norm” as he slid the tape in the player and
turned the TV on, he then returned to his chair.
The video started just like any other, 2 guys, 1 woman, it
wasn’t long before I realised I was watching a bi movie,
I could feel paul watching my reaction as one of the guys
began to suck the other guys cock, I made light of the situation
by saying “well you were right when you said different”
Paul smiled and said “what do you think of it?” “what do you
mean?” I replied, Paul said “two guys sucking each others
cock” , Not knowing where this conversation was leading,
I paused to think, did he know I had always fantasised about
sucking a guys cock, since I was in my teens, but never had
the bottle to do anything about it, no he cant, how can he?,
I just took my eyes away from his, stared at the TV and replied
“each to their own I suppose” “would you try it?” replied
Paul, I had been really put on the spot now, I suddenly began
to feel very nervous, but on the other hand very excited
in anticipation of what might occur depending on my answer,
I didn’t know what to say, everything told me I should say
yes, it was something I had dreamt about, before I got to
reply Paul said “I would” I said “what?” as if I didn’t know
what he mean’t, “like to suck a guys cock” he replied, my
heart began to race in anticipation of what would happen,
I tried to make light of the situation by saying “well I’ve
always said, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”, Paul
rose from his chair, stood in front of me and opened his bathrobe
to reveal his semi hard cut cock and said “do you want to play
with this?”, I didn’t answer I just took his cock in my hand,
the feeling was awesome I had never held another mans cock
before, I could feel it stiffening in my hand as I gently
rubbed it, I edged forward to the edge of my seat, my mouth
watering in anticipation of what I was about to do, I held
his cock up, placed my tongue at his sagging balls and licked
up the length of his cock and back down again then gently
sucked on each ball, the nervousness had now subsided a
little and the excitement had become the predominant emotion,
my cock was hard and straining at my trousers to get out,
as I began to run my tongue up the length of his cock again
I could feel his pre cum wet my fingers, I wanted to taste
it so as I got to the top I took his cock into my mouth and sucked
as he moaned he allowed the robe to fall to the floor, placed
his hands on my head and began to slowly fuck my mouth, telling
me how good I am, I wasn’t sure, I was just going with the flow,
how would I know if I was good it was my first time, I placed
one hand on his thigh so I could push him away if he got carried
away and started to plow deeper, with my other hand I held
his balls and massaged them, before long I could feel him
beginning to tense his cock began to speed up and venture
that little bit deeper into my mouth, his hands gripped
my head more firmly, I knew he was about to cum, should I push
him away?, in my fantasies the guy would always cum in my
mouth, he gripped my head and exploded into my mouth before
I had chance to make my decision, I felt him cum hit the back
of my throat and flood my mouth, it made me gag a little as
I thought what to do with it, so I just swallowed as I sucked
hard on the end of his cock he moaned his whole body was trembling,
he couldn’t take anymore and pulled away from my now very
hungry mouth.
Paul grabbed me by the arms and beckoned me to stand as I stood
he embraced me and said “wow, that was good”, he then kissed
my neck, my fantasies had never involved kissing a bloke
or a bloke kissing me, I wasn’t repulsed by his actions but
did feel a bit uncomfortable, I had this naked guy embracing
me and kissing my neck at that point I felt a real mixture
of emotions, nervous, excited and pleasured, I felt his
hand gripped my cock through my trousers, I almost cum there
and then, but the effects of alcohol calmed me, he began
to loosen his embrace, what if he wanted to kiss me on the
mouth, what would I do?, he didn’t, I felt strangely relieved,
he began to undo the buckle on my belt, then my trousers,
the weigh of the change in my pocket made them fall to my ankles,
he unbuttoned my shirt and peeled it over my shoulders he
stooped and nibbled on my nipple as he undid my cuffs and
pulled my shirt off, i slid my shoes off and stepped out of
my trousers, I gave out a slight gasp as he slid his hand into
my underpants and took hold of my straining cock, he did
a line of kisses down my stomach as he stooped lower and pulled
down my underpants I almost cum immediately as his warm
mouth engulfed my cock, he must have sensed this as I pulled
away slightly in an attempt to prolong the experience,
he removed his mouth from my cock and as he licked the end
he lowered my underpants to my ankles so I could step out
of them, he rose from his stooped position, and pulled me
towards him, pressing his now hardening cock against mine,
he looked me straight in the eyes and asked “you like?”,
I just smiled and nodded, he pushed me back which made me
fall into the chair, he lowered to his knees in front of me,
parted my legs and began to lick my balls, taking each one
in turn into his mouth, he lifted my legs gripped my thighs
with his arms and pulled me towards him, as I moved I felt
his cock press against my ass, this was a moment of sheer
panic, was he going to fuck me?, not sure I wanted to do this,
he must have sensed my inhibition and pulled away, perhaps
he was just testing the water, so to speak, he pushed my knees
towards my head, the next thing I felt was his warm wet tongue
pushing into my ass, I had seen this in the gay porn movies
I had occasionally watch, it was known as rimming, the guys
always seemed to enjoy it, now I know why, it felt so good,
better than I ever expected, I was getting carried away
with the feeling of his warm tongue penetrating my hole,
when I felt something else probing at me, it was his finger,
he was alternating his tongue and finger, each time his
finger would venture deeper into me, it felt good, but I
couldn’t help feeling he was just priming me for his cock,
I had to tell him, I didn’t want him to fuck me, before he ventured
any further I waited for him to withdraw his finger and lowered
my legs, lifting my cock from my stomach and holding it in
an upright position I told him “ I want you to suck this”,
he looked at me and smiled, he gave a slight tug on my legs
and beckoned me to join him on the floor, as I laid on the floor,
he moved and knelt above my head, with my head between his
legs and began to tap his semi hard cock on my forehead, then
he leaned forward until it reached my mouth, I responded
by licking his cock at every opportunity, I could see it
swelling and stiffening, he had to keep leaning further
forward so I could get my tongue to it, before long his swollen
end was pressing on my lips i opened my mouth to take his cock
in my mouth once again, I put my arms around his lower back
and pulled myself up to allow his cock deeper into my mouth,
I was so enjoying this, his hairy balls hovering above my
eyes and his hard cock in my mouth, this was something I had
always wanted to do for many years and now at 40 I was doing
it, if only I had the bottle to do this earlier in life, my
thoughts were disturbed as he lifted my cock and lowered
his mouth onto it, it felt so good, we were both on the floor
sucking each others cock in unison, I could hear him gag
slightly as he let my cock enter his throat and his upper
lip touch my balls, I had never had anyone deep throat me
before, it was sensational, in fact I was too much, I wasn’t
long before I could feel that familiar stirring in my loins,
I pressed my heels into the floor and began to thrust my cock
into his mouth, he responded by, pressing down on my upward
thrusts, I was fucking his throat, his grunts made me feel
he was enjoying this, I couldn’t hold back any longer, my
cock exploded into his mouth, this made suck harder and
faster making my whole body judder , in return I thought
I should do the same for him, but as I started on my mission
to have him cum in my mouth, he climbed off turned around
and straddled me, he positioned my resting cock to nestle
between the cheeks of his ass and leaned forward, his balls
resting on the end off my cock and his hard cock trapped between
our sweaty bodies, he began to kiss my neck again as he gyrated
his hips, rubbing his hard cock against our stomachs, his
hairy balls stimulating the end of my cock, he lifted his
head and kissed me right on the lips, I was so enthralled
in the moment I just naturally responded, this only added
to the excitement, I could feel my cock begin to spring back
to life, I had never recovered this quick, since I was a teenager,
as he moved forward my cock sprang from under his balls and
stabbed at his ass as he massaged his cock between us, our
tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, this was awesome,
I had never had a so intense sexual experience before, he
raised him self up on his arms and shot his load up my chest,
as he raised my cock pressed against his hole almost penetrating
him, this only enhanced the moment, I was so tempted to just
push so I could enter him, but even in my drunken state and
the heat of the moment I thought better of it, not without
a condom, began to push against my cock and said “fuck me”
“not without protection” I replied, he pushed harder against
my cock I felt the end penetrate into his ass, at that moment
I so wanted to thrust my cock deeper into his ass, but thought
better of it and pulled away, better safe than sorry, he
moved to a more upright position took hold of my cock positioned
it at his hole and began to sink down on it, I retorted “NO,
not without a condom” he looked at me and said “ok, ok”,
he began to massage my cock, while rubbing the end against
his hole, the sensation was amazing, combined with a feeling
of naughtyness, almost fucking him but not, it wasn’t long
before I unleashed my load at his hole, I could feel my cum
running off his balls onto mine.
The moments after seemed uneasy, I had just had probably
the best sex I had ever had in my life, but I felt quite uncomfortable
and had the desire to get dressed and get out of there, Paul
on the other hand was asking if we could do this again sometime
and next time he would have some condoms so I could fuck him,
I just smiled and nodded as I got dressed, once dressed I
had this immense urge to escape and made my way towards to
door, Paul “wait” as he routed around for a pen and some paper,
he wrote him phone number on the paper and passed it to me
saying “things are better second time round” and winked
at me “ just ring me if you want more”, I took the piece of paper
put it in my pocket, opened the door and left saying “see
ya” as I walked away.
The morning after as I woke the whole experience seemed
so surreal, but I had a feeling of satisfaction, I had done

Well that was my first experience of sex with a guy, it was
everything I had anticipated and more, would I have taken
the plunge, without the alcohol, I don’t think I would ever
had made the first move, I would still be in fantasyland.
I rang Paul a couple of weeks later, we spent a whole day together,
but that’s another story.
I will be forever thankful to Paul, and ‘yes’ life really
can begin at 40.

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lucky u. cud do with something like that myself

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OMG i just came on that story.....wish i were there!

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