The Tractor  

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7/20/2006 10:03 am
The Tractor

Well finally, I got some time to write. Sorry it took so long but here goes. If you read my post "Bush hoggin' Au-natural" You may be wondering what happened this year when I went to clean up my neighbors property. If you don't know it has been HOT AND HUMID in East Tennessee for the past couple of weeks, so yes I did go completely natural while Bush hogging the private field on my neighbors property. I swear if I ever hit the lottery I'm going to loose a few more pounds and move to a nudist colony. This year was a little different, a couple of weeks before my vacation I went to the field and mowed the area around and under the shade tree, because I wanted to talk my wife into going over there with me. She is afraid of snakes and more afraid of spiders and although she likes having sex outside she is afraid of what may be lurking in the tall grass, so I went three times to mow a good size area around that tree before going to clean up the whole field. I mowed the front field the day before because it takes so long to mow both of the fields. I left the house about 10AM and told the wife to meet me at the shade tree about 12:30 I saw the truck come around the bend and head to the tree, she got out and sat on the tailgate watching me bushhog the field completely naked on my big blue diesel tractor. I was going up and down the level field facing her then facing away from her. When I had about 6-8 swaths left to cut I turned at the far end of the field and looked toward her and noticed she had taken off her tank top, I waved so she would know that I had noticed, then when I got to her end of the field I turned back and headed away, then I reached the other end and turned toward her again and noticed she had removed her shorts! She was standing there, leaning up against the tailgate of the truck in her bra and panties! So naturally I waved and smiled again. I think I got that row a little crooked because I wasn't paying enough attention to the tractor. I got up near her again and turned to mow the next swath, then reached the far end of the field and turned to head back to see that she was standing there without her bra just panties shoes and sunglasses! You know the routine, wave and smile so she knows I noticed, but this time I stood up half way through the swath and re-adjusted the equipment (not the tractors, mine! Stroked it a couple of times just to tease her) I got up to her end of the field she smiled real big, I smiled real big, turned around ,headed the other way. I reached the far end of the field turned around to head back and yep, the panties are gone and she is just wearing her shoes, sunglasses and a smile! But now there is a blanket in the bed of the truck and draping off the tailgate. I got up to her end of the field and blew her a kiss that she blew at me, turned and headed back thinking "Now what will she do?" I reached the far end of the field turned the tractor around and saw that she was bent over the tailgate.....hum...TAILgate with her beautiful ass facing me her chest against the blanket and her hand between her legs rubbing herself. "O.K. thats enough" I say to myself "I've got about two swaths left but I'm getting off of this tractor when I get to her end of the field." She rubbed herself, looking over her shoulder every once in a while as I head her way. When I get to the end of the field I shut off the bushhog, pull back the throttle, shut off the engine and jump off of the tractor as she is standing there giggling at me for not finifhing the last two swaths. While the bushhog is still spinning slower and slower, we stand there completely naked except for our shoes, sunglasses and sunscreen just kissing and pawing at each other in anticipation of what is going to happen next....Which I will tell you about next time...because I have now run out of time

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