Have you ever "Cybered?" No, I have not. <>Should I?  

rm_2b_free 68M
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3/23/2005 2:47 pm

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3/26/2006 7:01 pm

Have you ever "Cybered?" No, I have not. <>Should I?

You know, I am not into fantasy that much. I would rather experience the real thing. I mean, sure I masturbate, but have never had the opportunity to share my fantasies with anyone else.(My ex was into straight sex)I'm just now working on that. I have thought that it would be interesting to see others giving themselves pleasure while in the same room. Probally a little "Kinky" I know. Then this question of "Cyber Sex" keeps popping up. I'm starting to feel like I am missing out on something. Its not like I have ever said no. I guess I have never thought to invite someone to do that, and have never been invited by someone else. What if I ever do get into a situation where it might happen. What can I expect? What do others expect?

sportyfun56 106M

3/29/2005 6:50 am

I have had to opportunity to "cyber" with a handful of different ladies in the past. With different degrees of "success". Just like real life, chemistry exists in cyber and some ladies you click with and some are near (or far) misses. Some of mine were of the spontaneous one time situation. We'd meet in a chat room and spend some time there flirting. Then when she felt comfy enough, she (usually) would invite me to private IM chat. There were a few that I'd "known" for a longer time as regs in a chat room. After we'd gotten to know each other and determined an attraction we'd meet up in IM and may or may not end up in "Cyber". But at least we'd be better friends. There has only been one lady that I had any kind of regular cyber visits with. We'd been friends in chat for a LONG time and had IM'd for a long time also before it ever happened. We discovered that we were really good together and could go for hours in chat then cyber for a couple of more hours, then continue to chat afterward. This was a lady that I'd built up a very close online friendship with over time. We just natually drifted into cybersex and it felt strange/funny at first but then wondered what had taken us so long.

She actually lived out of the country (english speaking) and came to the U.S. to visit a number of friends. She did make a 2 day swing by my city and we finally got to meet in person. Well that was only a bit strange, but we had spoken and chatted so much that we just smiled and hugged each other when we met. What happened after that wasn't cyber so I'll not comment on that here.. lol

In short... lol.. Cyber is good if you are responsive/creative/intuitive enough and so is your partner. Just like real sex.. lol. Otherwise...

rm_2b_free 68M
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3/29/2005 10:00 am

Thank you for sharing your experience. It has been very enlightening. A virtual experience to an affair of the flesh. Who could ask for more.

Merry49 61F

4/1/2005 12:29 pm

This is just a test....this is only a test of the American blog system.

Man... I wrote a response a few hours ago here and it has not shown up... Also lost two comments I made on another blog too, yesterday and today. This is soooo annoying.

Cyber - Yes, been there done that, got bored. Moved to phone, that eventually got boring as well.

My advice? Give it a try if you want and see if you like it. It certainly wouldn't hurt and might prove to be a helpful bit of outlet for you.

I wrote a hell of a lot more earlier, but just too frustrated with A.F.F. to put much effort into writing it all over again...

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