Hang Ups  

rm_2_up_4_fun 50M/45F
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8/3/2005 2:17 am

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2/6/2009 1:49 am

Hang Ups

Am I the only one with Hang Ups !!!! I ask myself the same question every day,

we are a couple looking to explore a fantasy, but me being me,(Shaz) have a few hang ups that have stopped us exploring our fantasy for a while now, and my hang ups are !!!! I am a mother of 4 with the body to go with it, yes I wish I had the body of an 18 year old again, but then I would not have my wonderful kids,

I look at myself every day in the mirror and wonder how anyone can find me atractive, I must be a turn off, but then I look again and say to myself, if I were to be looking at someone else who looks just like me, I would not be turned off, but then I blink and see it is me I am looking at !!!! Yes the woman with the 4 wonderful kids with the body to prove it !!!!!

rm_vixenflir 58M
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8/3/2005 8:13 am

I agree Shaz! Its 'who' you are not 'what' you are. If you are confident and open, then the ones who care only for the physical, do not even matter. Blog on and be proud of who you are.

randycdfcouple 48M/57F

1/25/2007 4:19 pm

you looked fab on cam xxx jane

rm_del196101 55M
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1/6/2009 12:38 pm

Hi Shaz, I guess you got over your inhibitions given the reviews here ! I'd love to come and join you and show we don't mind the signs of mother hood, yuou are a woman and your ares till beautiful. I hope to hook up with you one day


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