Sex in a club scene  

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12/17/2005 8:47 pm

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Sex in a club scene

Has anyone ever set up a surprise night for their loved one in a club? We have often talked about it, but never had the opportunity.

I have run over the possibilities in my mind a thousand times, sometimes vocalizing them while we are in bed together, sometimes keeping them to myself, but I can imagine the response she would give if it ever comes to pass.

The music pumping wildly, everyone in their low cut tight clothes, trying their best to catch the attention of that sexy person across the room We slip in almost unnoticed, have a few drinks, then hit the dance floor as well. Our dancing gets dirtier and dirtier as the night goes on. Her hand "accidentally" brushes my rapidly swelling cock as we move through the crowd of scantily clad women, some paired with their date for the evening, some putting on a show, dancing with three or four men leading each one in for their chance in turn, some dancing with other women. But you can tell which ones are putting on a show for the men in the room and which ones are for real, looking at each others bodies with eyes filled with lust, hands roaming over each other to the delight of all who watch.

It gets very hot on the dance floor, and we move to the side to rest and get a bit of air. I am dispatched to get fresh drinks, and leave her sanding by the rail, watching the action on the floor.

Barely moments after I leave, a woman approaches her from behind, and leans close into her ear, where she says in s sultry voice "I saw you two getting hot with each other out there, and it was really turning me on"

She turns around slowly to meet the gaze of a beautiful brunette, slightly older than we are, but looking incredible in a dress that she's practically spilling out of. she's breathing heavily, which is amplifying the rise and fall of her breasts as they strain to be free of the fabric that hold them. Her 36D figure is also amplified by the fact that she's perspiring slightly.

Her hand moves up and she begins tracing short up and down strokes on her skin as she leans in again, this time saying "how about we give your friend a show he won't soon forget, or either of us either?"

myself to them, as she slides her skirt off and begins taking of my With that, she runs her lips softly down my wife's neck, her hot breath sending her into overdrive. She brings her body in close, her breasts softly beginning to touch. My wife's eyes roll back in pleasure and she moans softly.

They speak to each other for a few moments, my wife getting bolder and more turned on by the second, and as I return, I see the two of them, the Brunette and my wife, slipping quietly through the crowd to a secluded part of the club. They both make eye contact with me, my wife seems a bit nervous, but incredibly excited, and the brunette simply smiles and motions for me to follow.

A door marked "employees only" stands slightly ajar, and they both enter. I follow moments later, but am incredibly excited by what I see when I enter. A small office with a couch and desk are inside, and I find the brunette has already gotten down to business, licking and sucking my wife;'s not free tits. Her skirt is riding up her ass as she leans over slightly, and I can see she's not wearing anything underneath. As I enter, the brunette begins telling me everything she's going to do to my wife, and how turned on she is by the way we moved on the dance floor. She tells me to drop my pants and show wife's mini skirt.

As I begin undressing she turns around, and my wife undoes her top and begins massaging her beautiful tan breasts as I release myself from the confinement of my pants. The Brunette begins telling my wife how great my cock looks, and how it is going to be so good as she guides it into my wife. I can see that she's sliding up and down between my wife's legs as she's perched on the desk.

Once we are all naked, m wife gets her fantasy fulfilled. She turns around, placing her hands flat on the desk as the brunette instructs her. She asks my wife if she wants a cock in her now, and she can barely speak the word yes.

The brunette then locks eyes with me. Never taking them off mine, she moves to me, grabbing me and gently but forcefully pulling me forward to my prepositioned wife. She then kneels down and begins licking her from underneath as she grabs my ass with one hand and guides me to her waiting entrance with the other. She limits how far I can enter with her clenched hand, and I can hear her teasing my wife as she eats her. Eventually, I am allowed to slide all the way in, and the Brunette takes up a position in front of my wife, allowing her to return the favor. She knows how to talk, and looks both of us in the eyes as she begins to shiver and thrust herself in my wife's face.

We go on like this for almost an hour, until I cannot stand anymore and begin to feel like I am going to explode. The brunette stops and she and my wife kneel down in front of me. The brunette takes my slick cock in her hands and pumps me forcefully until I am about to blow, then the brunette forces my wife to take me in her mouth over me as I climax.

I watch as the two ladies once again bring each other to the maximum of pleasure before we say our goodbyes. For now...

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