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12/13/2005 6:27 pm

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REI sex

When my wife and I were still dating, I began to tell her stories to get her turned on. Naturally, as a horny young man the stories were meant to break down her inhibitions and melt her to putty in my hands. One of these stories I thought you all might find interesting.

One Saturday Morning, I wake her up and cook her a nice breakfast. We talk a little while, with me in almost constant contact with her, kissing her neck, sliding my fingers over her forearm and running them through her hair. After breakfast is over, I explain to her that I have a suprise for her, but she will need to get her boots on to get there. She seems a little astonished, but is open for anything I have in store, as I have never disappointed her in the past.

As she is getting ready, I pack a few items: a flashlight, a bottle of wine, some massage oil and a bright shiny new vibrator that she knew nothing about me purchasing.

We drive for a while to a public parking spot in a local state park and begin our hike. It is a warm summer day, but the breeze is blowing, and all is pleasant. Halfway up the hill, I steer her towards a cave that I discovered a few months back while hiking with a group of friends. I persuade her to enter, since that is where the fun will be. We travel back about a hundred yards, where the cave floor dips into a small stream. I stop, look into her eyes, and tell her I have a very nice suprise, but she has to stay calm. She reluctantly agrees, and I shut off the flashlight and set it aside. I step away from her, my footsteps muffled by the sound of running water. The cave is pitch plack, and she never knows where or when I will be touching her next. The pace of her breathing increases, as she begins to be a bit afraid. I begin circling her like a ravenous animal, searching for it's next meal. I slide up behind her and begin softly running my hands over her body, pausing only to begin taking off her clothes. I deliberately take a long time doing this, and she is beginning to get so excited she can hardly stand. That's when I spring the suprise on her. Suddenly, she feels a swish of long hair over her exposed nipples, which are rock hard due to the cold temperaturs of the cave and my sexual advances. She gasps, but I hold her as I whisper in her ear how I found someone who wants her as badly as I do, and we decided to have a little fun. My wife's new friend runs her long nails up and down her chest, then presses her large breasts into her as she kisses one side of her neck and I the other. I am rock hard and pressing myself into her ass, and we all begin a rhythmic gyration together. I stop, and suddenly I have these two beautiful women kissing each other as they take a knee and begin sucking me. I must have them both, as I begin using every last ounce of energy to make them climax over and over, one licking the other while I slide in and out.

I burst in someone's mouth, although they would never tell me whose, and we used the vibrator to make them both climax again, then we quietly slid on our clothes, picked up our flashlight and turned it on. My wife was astonished to find a beautiful, long haired woman with a 38D athletic figure looking dreamily back at her. We sipped the wine and relaxed in our newfound friendship until it was time to go.

Needless to say, that would do the trick every time

naughtyndnice 73M
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12/13/2005 6:51 pm

Nice story, fact or fiction it is believable and erotic.


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