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5/20/2006 11:12 am

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This is your brain on AFF

Last week I was incredibly optimistic about AdultFriendFinder... I thought "wow, what a great place where guys and girls can just come together to meet and have sex and relationships and stuff!"

I'd registered long ago, but it was just in the last few days that I put some real effort into my profile (uploading a video intro, voice intro, taking more recent pics, etc...).

So, now we get to this morning... to date the only two people I "talked" to were bots, or just soulless individuals, for porn sites. Some people might get discouraged here, but instead it made me redouble my efforts.

Even so there will always be the limiting factor of the male:female ratio. Ahh... to all the single guys out there, the good guys who deserve to meet the lucky woman of their dreams yet come up empty handed, I feel your pain...

... of course, I also hope you give up on women and realize that you're gay - two birds with one stone!

And with that, I leave you with a morning haiku:

Summer sex searching-
Too much competition, sigh
I'll just masturbate

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