Stupid and Selfish  

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7/28/2006 12:28 am

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Stupid and Selfish

I came a cross a blog you should know about [blog loneremily]. It is wonderfully honest and terribly heartbreaking and every man at every age should read her story:

If you are young and inexperienced, read her story
If you are older and have made mistakes, read her story.
If you have sons who will someday meet, date and fall in love ‒ read her story.
If you have daughters who may someday experience some of what she’s experienced, read her story.

Emily often asks for advice and opinions, which I am most certainly unqualified to answer. I am writing here (and not on her blog) because I think there is something compelling and worthy of note but I don’t have the words to make a constructive comment. Nor, by the way do most of you ‒ trust me I’ve read your posts and comments and even I can see through your thinly veiled come-on lines.

When I read this, I think of how many mistakes I’ve made. I wasn’t the angry but I’ve been drunk and aggressive and insecure and manipulative. I know that I’ve hurt people with my own selfish desires and although Loneremily and I will never meet, I wish dearly that she finds happiness. Maybe if she, through all her terrible experiences, can be happy then so will those that I hurt, used and manipulated (no matter how subtle).

To SB, MW, MY, SC, EB, and most recently J: my sincerest apologies for being a stupid and selfish.

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