Write with the Wrong Words  

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5/29/2006 1:48 pm

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Write with the Wrong Words

As written by absolutelynormal:

I am giving everyone "permission" to take this idea back to your own blog and have people "play" with you!

So copy, cut and paste away!

OK, In my 198th post I asked for ideas on this, my 200th. I am going to take a couple of ideas that were given and merge them. My friends Gerson and Intensity came up with these.

This is your mission should you choose to accept it:

Go to an opposite sex blog, look at the keywords.
Take the 1st 10, use them to write a story to post here in my blog.

You may make your story about anything you wish, but since this is a sex site and you're using keywords, it may very well be about sex.

I think this will be great fun. Try to pick someone who is NOT like you.

this post will self-destruct in 30 seconds

ps you must state who you stole "your" words from and post your story on your own blog too!!

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