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There was a lady in the town I grew up in, who turned 106 years old last week. She's this tiny little bundle of enthusiasm. She always on the go, under her own power - "no walkers or scooters for me!" she said. She does rely on others to get her from point A to B now a days though, as she wisely decided to give up on driving - for the safety of others she said as she laughed.
She still goes to church every Sunday, and visits the old folks in the seniors home. That one made me laugh! She's out lived 2 of her own children and 1 grandchild but doesn't plan on leaving this earth any time soon. She had many stories to tell about the things shes seen come and go in her lifetime, the many things she wished she hadn't seen as well.
Some one asked her what she would most like to be remembered for after her time here was done. She thought for a moment before responding to the question. In a quiet and very humble voice she said, " I have no doubt that different people will remember me for different things I've done for my family, my community and Country. But the things I'd like to be remembered for are things no one knows I've done. Such as the time I left some groceries on the back door for the single mother who had 2 babies and no one to help her. Another time I left 2 tires for the neighbors car when he didn't have the money to buy new ones when he needed the car to drive 150 miles to the hospital to sit with his ill wife. The time I sent my old washing machine over to the day care center when it had been flooded.There are few other things to, but I can't really remember all of them after all these years."
This got me thinking ...what will I be remembered for when I am gone? What acts of kindness have I bestowed on someone that they will say to themselves upon my passing.." OH, I remember the time she.... or I remember she was the one who..."
I'd like to think I've done some things that my family will remember about me when my day comes...and some I hope they don't! lol

So that leaves me to wonder...what do you hope to be remembered for?

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Real great tail here ..... and a good question for us all to think on

Thank you for your comment to my blog .....

Say, .... the "Roo" ... is she an Aussie??? I ask cause i am Aussie born.


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Yeah, she is

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