High Maintenance..??  

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8/10/2006 12:03 am

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High Maintenance..??

While on a break at work tonight, one of the young 20 somethings I have the privilege to work with, was commenting on how she has such a busy day ahead of her tomorrow.
Hair appointment in the morning followed by a nail appointment, getting her eyebrows down and her legs waxed. Then off to her weekly tanning session. She wined and complained about having to spend so much of her "hard earned" money on these necessities. She then went on to complain about how her parents have decided that since she is now employed, she will have to pay them $200 a month room and board!
I turned and asked her" Is that all??" Her reply was that really wasn't fair as she wasn't home that much. I asked her if that included her utilities, food and laundry. Her friend was quick to respond that if her parents did that, she'd move out! I shook my head and asked them both where they thought they could live with a roof over their heads, food in the fridge, and still have the ability to turn on lights, TV and stereo for $200 a month..??? And still be able to afford the luxury of hair, nail and tanning appointments?
"Well, since you're a Mom, of course you'd agree with them!"
Now the way I figure it, I spend about $120 a year on hair appointments and approximately $40 for a few boxes of Loreal per year. I spent about $8 20+ years ago on a pair of tweezers that I still use today. A package of BIC's disposable cost about $5 for a package of 10 razors.
And I'll spend a little time on my tanning while working in the garden or a day at the beach - No Charge!
Now I could say that when I was there age, I had to walk 5 miles, up hill each way in 4 feet of snow...but I'd be stealing my Fathers line if I did. I'm sure if try really hard, I'll remember thinking that I had it tough at there age too. But my parents instilled in me the idea that hard work was the way to acquire the things in life you wanted. And with that hard work and acquisition, was the respect for what you had accomplished along the way.
I'm not sure if we are enabling todays young adults to be so high maintenance or if they really do believe it's something we, as parents owe them.
Either way, one day they will wake up and be in for a brutal reality check. Now wouldn't that be an ideal "reality" TV show!

brute472 74M
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8/10/2006 1:01 am

Hear hear.
What are we instilling in the young these days.
Boy when I was their age I eaned less than $10 a week and I paid $6 board.
I think you did well to hold your tongue and not tell the snotty little buggers the facts of life.

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