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7/19/2006 10:39 am

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Got 5 minutes?

Well, life here in our little corner of the world has been busy for the past little while. We're both working opposite shifts so we've been more like ships passing in the night than anything else The kids have been away for almost a week now and probably won't be back for another week or so. Kinda quite around here without them!
I hate working opposite shifts - there's so little time we get to spend together. One of us climbing into bed as the other is climbing out or we meet at the coffee pot, exchange a "Hi, how are ya?" grab a kiss 'n a hug and off we go.
We try to at least grab a quick phone call to one another when ever possible, but even then you forget to pass along any important things. You just wanna know how the other's day was and tell'em that you miss them and love them and then wait for the weekend when you hope to ge more than 5 minutes to spend together!
Well, I only have another 3 1/2 weeks of training for my new job and then I will have a steady day shift...WOO HOO

By then tho, his shift will have probably changed and he'll be working steady nights!!

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