Can I have a do over, Please?  

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7/4/2006 11:22 pm

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Can I have a do over, Please?

The ground moved for me today. No... seriously...we had a minor earthquake this afternoon that made everything shake for about 10 seconds or so. When you live on an island that is supposedly sinking little by little every year, there are those who tell us that all it will take is one big jolt and we'll be several smaller islands, if we are anything at all.
That on top of the news I received last night has not made for a great day. My son lives in a community where the entire town has been evacuated because of forrest fires surrounding it. Ever try and calling an evacuation center to locate a relative? He finally called me after midnight to say that they had to go somewhere else because there was no room left at the inn they had been evacuated too! At least he called and I know he's out of harms way - until they drag his sorry arse to go fight fires!
On top of that, we received a call informing us of the death of a family member early this morning. Not so unexpected, but still not expected this soon.

Oooohhh crap , I forgot to call my nephew and wish him a Happy 4th Birthday

Can I have a Tuesday do over, please?

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