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7/26/2006 10:32 am

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Blaag Blaag Blaag Blaag Blog

I had a thought this morning of something to post here today. I logged into AdultFriendFinder, clicked on the Blogs link and saw that a number of our favorite bloggers had posted today. So dutiful and faithful me, clicked on each one's link to read their post. Some I commented on, others I didn't because it would have just been reiterating same comments that have already been left by those before me.
I ventured to read a few blogs of the unknown - or at least unknown to me. I have to say, some of you out there have fantastically creative minds. Makes me wonder if that is how you actually live your daily life or if that is just your blog persona. Regardless, there was some interesting reading out there!
So then I come back to our own little corner of blogland to make my post. Idea for today's blog....pffffttttt..pooof....gone! I have sat here for several moments staring at this little white wordless box, trying in vain to capture that elusive thought but no matter what, I can't for the life of me remember what it was! It's like looking at the sky and seeing the trail left behind by the plane that has passed by but the plane is nowhere in sight.
With my luck, I'll get to work and be busy doing something and it will come back to me and I'll have to jot it down so that I will remember it for a later date.

With my luck...I'll lose the piece of paper!

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