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8/9/2005 11:30 am

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A girlfriend once told me, happiness was being satified with what you have. While this may be true, I've always felt it's more like a potato chip, I always want more. Hopefully this blog will let you know about me, and maybe you will let me more about you.

I have had my share of sexual partners. All defferent, and my experience with each of them has been unique. I have tried just about everthing two(three) people can do. Luckily I have had some willing partners. Most nave been daring and not afraid to try new things.

Some of you may think some of these things wrong, but it just me. I have had girlfriends, one night stands, girls that just like to have sex, married women, and yes a mistress. You see I am married, and I know some of you will stop reading now. I hope not.

You see I'm back to the potato chip, I want more. I guess once your taste the fruits of sex, you can't go back.

I will be adding my stories, of life and sex later. For now I wish you all the best sex you can have and more. Feel free to comments and to post story.

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