Working up the nerve  

rm_1sassy37 48F
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1/28/2006 1:30 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Working up the nerve

Well me and my husband have been talking about this for a while now and I think I'm ready. I'm a little nervous not sure what to expect or what is expected of me. I think that at this point I can handle me doing anything from the waist up and for the other person 1 step at a time. We both do a lot for each other not just sexually but in general. What's nice is that when we do something new sexually the other person has to fullfil the others request. Like a trip, shopping, money, romantic dinner and anything else thought of. Also wondering just where this will all take place, but not in some cheesy hotel for this it has to be a nice hotel. Maybe if I heard about other females first encounters it might help me out. So I've gotten myself into shape, dropped a few pounds and feeling more comfy there. Still have a little more to go, but hey I'm 5" 4" and weight around 148-150 lbs. but mainly I'm healthy and very happy.

rm_Ellenback 58F
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1/28/2006 8:47 am

Sassy, babe, take your time. That unsteadiness and unsurety will come through in spades, and will end up in the biggest argument with you and your hubby that you've ever seen. Imagine how you'd each feel if everyone there wanted him, and wasn't as keen on you, or vice versa?

Honey, this has to be something that YOU want, not him...for your own reasons. The confidence in yourself will come, but it's not a straight-up'll fall down a little each time before climbing again.

My first encounter with my EX and a group went well, we were both stars, but there came a time when I absolutely needed to back away from the whole swinging thing. Unfortunately, that didn't coincide with his it got tough for both of us. He ended up going on his own sometimes, since he was such a freakin' star...LOL

And honey? The poundage thing? It's bloody everywhere...I'd absolutely love to have a perfect body like some of the girls on this site, but it's probably not going to happen in my lifetime unless I find a great 'free' plastic surgeon..LOL Get that swing into your walk, and take your time until you feel very hot and attractive around the clock before you start chasing around for others...


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