The one I met (In Kanagawa.)  

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1/5/2006 8:13 am

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The one I met (In Kanagawa.)

Now im leaving names totally out!
I will just say that she is very cute
has nice breasts and speaks only Japanese.
Now if you live in Japan and in the Kanagawa
area you might have a chance at her.
Honestly, I wished I had more time so we could
get to know each other but it always feels like
these girls have so many men to see or getting
worked on (having a lot of sex.)
Her tits were very nice and her lips were small
but very nice as well. She was cute and I was
shocked at how well she planned things.
Im not stupid but I can tell when someone is setting me up.
Here is how it went.

I met her at a Train station in Kanagawa.
She picked me up in her car.
We drove a bit and she stopped about 10min away from the station. We talked. I had a little trouble explaining to her that I thought she was
cute and I wanted to respect her (Not try to fuck her on first sight.)

She explained to me she had plans and told her
friend over the phone that she would meet (Him or her.) later on.

Now at this point im thinking, ok, she finally
met me and we were meeting without the thought of having sex..just a meeting...coool I can do this.

Finally we drove to another location, this time more secluded. She began to talk about her breasts. Now honestly at this point im like, you say how are my breasts and Im like let me see
(Touches breasts to see how they are.)
So I touched them. They were soft and nice.
eventually we kissed and then she said she was
very wet. when I went down to check I could feel
her wet moist pussy.

She told me she had only been with Japanese but I honestly did not believe that. Call it experience. In the end all that happened was
I got to feel her wet pussy. she made some plans
with me but of course were cancelled later on.
(There are better and more agressive men out there than me and im sure she has found em.)

Im not getting my hopes up but Im going to try
my luck in a club.

23sexy42ddreal 36F

1/24/2006 7:39 am

I think she's been with every man in Japan.

rm_1on1brother 41

2/21/2006 3:23 pm

lol. Not really. I just think she likes to fuck Americans, The supply is a lot lower than in NYC. For instance I know one such person on AdultFriendFinder who fucked about 3 guys a day every day for a year! (even on her period!) She was a hard core nympho who could not be satisfied with just one guy. Sometimes she would just go in a room and say (Ok starting a fuck fest, pick me up in a car and the place better have 10 or more men there!) needless to say I no longer see her on anymore lol... I guess something broke...

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