Really cool club/bar/hang out spot in Yokohama.  

rm_1on1brother 41
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3/10/2006 8:41 pm
Really cool club/bar/hang out spot in Yokohama.

I was just invited last night to a really cool
party in Yokohama. It was just a few minutes from
the Yokohama JR station.
I must confess that Japanese guys do know where
all the hot girls are hanging at!
This place had some billard tables and it seemed really weird. I was thinking that Im about be be
killed or something but once it hit 1am the whole place started filling up! The ratio of male to female was fucking crazy! for every guy there were two chicks! and there were NO ugly people there! needless to say I was very worried
but as soon as I began speaking some Japanese everyone warmed up to me. A few white guys were there but it was a mostly Japanese crowd.
around 3am everyone started taking turns fucking
in the restroom or two private rooms in the back.
I would have had some fun but I thought to just behave and see what happens next time..well i better get some so tired.

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