Mmm time for some sexyness  

rm_1n1t0 35M
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3/28/2006 5:38 pm

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3/30/2006 7:52 pm

Mmm time for some sexyness

I wan't to eat you out, and have your sweet, wet, cum running down my chin as you pin my head with your thighs and nearly suffocate me in extacy...

I think about sex every 3 seconds for real... I will be hacking on a computer console, and be thinking of ASCII (text based) porn...

I want to cum all over your pussy and lick it all out and snowball it with you... mmmmmm =)

I am a freak, I am the freak, I know how to get freaky! I want to go out with you, pick out 2 sexy as hell goth/punk/indie outfits and go to the club and turn some heads!

I want to feel your breasts your nipples, your ass, your hot wet pussy sliding over my fingers, I want to kiss you and breathe you in.

I want you to suck me, go down on me, and take it in your mouth, then I want you to kiss me, and make me swallow it... MMmmm!

Lets make a contest out of it... lets see who can fuck who eh? Lets wrestle for who gets to be on top! I will win every time =P But you will get fucked hard every time too!

You will leave me wanting more and wondering were the hell did I come from, and I will beam my evil grin, and we will be lost in eachothers gaze forever...

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