The Need to Vent...  

rm_1_baby_girl 39F
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1/24/2006 9:08 am

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5/23/2007 12:34 am

The Need to Vent...

Okay, need to vent a little because my weekend of getting laid was ruined because the guy I was supposed to meet on Saturday went out and got drunk with some friends before he knew he was supposed to meet me. Then he calls me up at midnight (we had planned for 8pm so I was waiting all night)and wants me to still meet him at his hotel. How completely rude!

Now here's a tip for those of you who will get to meet me. Don't make me wait, and don't get liquored up before we meet (1 or 2 drinks is cool). It's a huge turn off and I'll most likely tell you to go away just like I did this guy even after he appologized when he sobered up the next day.

So, here I sit frustrated and horny on a Tuesday afternoon with no dates in sight until the weekend. May have to grab the next cute customer that comes in and take him or her to the back before the days over.

Hope everyone elses weekend was better than mine.

Lixs n Leather,

Baby Girl

sweetdreamer3626 55M

1/25/2006 5:56 am

Sorry to hear that but it happens. I've given up hoping and just sat here by myself all weekend sylvester40200l

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