Taking Candy from a Baby  

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12/25/2005 8:49 pm

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Taking Candy from a Baby

I think whoever came up with the phrase that something was as easy as "taking candy from a baby" never actually tried to do that. Sure most adults could handle that task without much effort, but if you think you're going to get away with it, think again. Babies cry. Loud. And parents don't like it when you make their babies cry.

I discovered this when I took a toy from my one-year-old nephew. I didn't do it to be mean -- I do other things to be mean (just joking . . . maybe) -- but because it wasn't working, and I was trying to fix it. Unfortunately he was playing with it at the time, and he didn't really care if it worked like it was supposed to or not. All that mattered was that it worked how he wanted it to. And he wanted it to work by sitting on the floor, which it couldn't do if I was picking it up. And of course children learn from adults, so apparently I taught him that theft is okay as long as you're bigger than the person you're stealing from. Merry Christmas, bud.

The whole night he was leery of me. I only see him a few times a year, so I'm something of a stranger to him. And taking his toy away from him didn't really help matters any. Now I'm just a mean stranger.

Anyway, it all ends well. He got a sing-along video that he decided to watch once he stopped running through the house. I don't know if I was sitting in his favorite chair or what, but he came and sat down in my lap and watched the video until it was time to sit in Mommy's lap and watch the rest of it.

It's cool to be friends with your nephew.

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