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12/27/2005 6:06 pm

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Like Pulling Teeth

Well, it would appear my time on this site is coming to an end. My subscription is expiring, and honestly, my experience here hasn't been worth anything near the $20 I spent. I chatted a little, posted on the forums, saw some naked women--all things I can do for free elsewhere.

And I sent e-mails to women. Some even joined my network. But only two even bothered to send me an e-mail back. And one of those was a form letter from a fake profile. The other simply responded to my request for pics.

Now, I don't claim to be a particularly good-looking guy, and my profile is lousy because I'm just not good at talking about myself. But that doesn't explain why NO ONE responded personally to me. And no, I'm sure I didn't use this site to its maximum potential, but I used it as best I know how. Spending another $20 won't reduce my ignorance.

I was excited, perhaps too much so, when I joined this site. I didn't take reality into account. But the reality is that my failure is draining my self-confidence right out of me. At least when I talk to women in person they tell me no. On here all I get is ignored.

I once saw a Twilight Zone episode in which criminals were punished by being made "invisible" (in quotes because they were quite visible but ignored by everyone around them). Forget the death penalty; that to me seems like cruel and unusual punishment. We, as humans, desire relationships (however we define that term), intereaction in some way with others, and a desire to be accepted on at least a basic level. I may not be any more likely to find those things in real life than I am on this site, but at least in real life I can tell where I stand. Not here.

And I just don't see paying another $20 for that.

I am not saying anyone should cancel or not renew their subscriptions. Many people have more strength than I do, and for them no doubt this site will pay off. I congratulate you if such is your case, and I envy you.

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