my fucked up sex life/lovelife  

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8/22/2006 8:19 pm

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my fucked up sex life/lovelife

well, im 19, im horny, i have a on and off gf of a year. i love her, but she doesnt always do it for me. you know what i mean? shes beautiful, fun and all, but shes to traditonal in bed, doesnt really like anything but missionary. she wont really try anthing new and when iget her 2 she acts all sketchy later. porn disgusts her, she get annoyed if i look at it. thats how shes is about things. igo to alot of car shows and do alot of legal and illegal racing, but she accuses me of being with other girls, i have video of the shit we do with the cars! still she does this.

i wish i could find someone for some fun here and there. to be open, bc she wont.

i love her but i cant deal with her at thimes.

fuck this sucks

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10/22/2006 9:58 pm

Hey man, love is fucking hard, what can I tell you. You have to find a middle ground. If she is not willing to compromise then you should look elsewhere. I hear you, misionary is in a word,BORING. Just thought to give you my two cents. Good luck!!

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