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12/16/2005 11:30 am

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Where to Begin


Well since this my first entry into the world of Blogging, I figure that I should decide on the things that I should include. In Canada it is perfectly acceptable to talk about the weather, so I guess I can include that.... It has been a while since I wrote stories/poetry but this seems as good a place as any.

Maybe I'm start with a story and we'll see what people think of my writing.

The title "Dinner Out"

Part I

You are getting ready for dinner out. You don't know where the reservations are but you know that he is always finding new delicious places to eat. He mentioned that it was a dressy place so you are doing it to the nines. You have on a black dress with the hemline well above the knee and a plunging neckline. To accent the look a pair of black 3" pumps and a silver necklace with a diamond pendant. And just in case things go further tonight, you have decided on a black lacy bra and panties with a black garter and stockings. With your hair done up and a touch of lipstick and makeup you know you are a vision. He will be impressed.

He shows up 10 minutes early 6:20 which is just like him, he comes to the door and lets himself in. When he calls upstairs to see if you are ready you let him know that he is early and to get himself a drink while he waits. You, make him wait, the anticipation will be good for him, there is no need for him to know you are finished.

He doesn't even call up again, he is just waiting for you to come downstairs and at precisely 6:33 you walk down stairs holding your purse, a small patton leather one you picked out for just this occasion. He gets up and meets you at the stairs. In your heels and standing on the bottom stair you can look him right in the eye. He reaches out and takes you around the waist and gives you a kiss. You place your hand on his shoulder and step down moving towards the door.

As if on queue, he jumps ahead of you and opens the door letting you glide out without even missing a step. He catches up and takes your hand as you walk to the car. He is always a gentleman you think to yourself. Once again when you reach his car he opens the door and holds your hand as you slide into the soft leather seats. You love this car, a 2003 Mazda RX-8, this car almost has as much horsepower as you do. You smile back up to him as you reach down and pull the dress back down your legs, as the seat pulled it up high enough for him to see at least part of the surprise for later. You'd think that it was a planned tease, but I guess it was, hehehe.

As he turns the car over and pulls out of the driveway, you reach across the seat and put your hand onto his leg. The car squeals as he accelerates down the street, you can feel your body pushed back into the seat as the car speeds away. He tells you that the restaurant is about 30 minutes away and flashes one of those killer smiles. You reach up and turn on the radio, moving the dial to your favourite station, you know he hates it but he’ll put up with it because he knows, yes I’m sure he knows.

Stay tuned for the next installment

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