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12/13/2005 8:41 pm

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okay, so i was thinking.

yea, i know.

what do you do, when there is nothing to do?
do you sit on ur ass and play on the computer?
or do you watch t.v.?
listen to the radio or a c.d.?


i am so confused.

when i was a child, i never had this problem.
then again,
children never do...
so i ask myself,
what am i going to do today?

UGH again!!


so i get online,
and chat awhile.
i try to cure the borebom,
with a friendly smile.
but no one is up,
no one is there.
no one around,
to point or stare.
i can't help this feeling,
of shamefull lust.
i can't help myself,
i just have to touch.
i start to tingle,
in that special place.
i start to move,
taking up th space.
i have to get them off,
no more restaints.
the clothes pile on the floor,
no more to barriers.
i let my hand explore,
what it knows so well.
my fingers dance with rythym,
and it starts to swell.
i take my finger,
and rub it harder.
i do it so well now,
i get smarter and smarter.
i can't help it,
it feels go damn good.
i keep it up,
lifting my hood.
the sensations going through my body,
there getting stronger and stronger.
the tremors,
are getting longer and longer.
i can feel the fluid,
it's on my hand.
i try to get up,
but i can not stand.
it feels so good,
i just want more.
and then i hear it,
someone's at the door.

waytosexy4ashirt 58M

12/13/2005 9:00 pm

I am here whenever you want to chat sweeti

rm_Straycat1982 34M

12/13/2005 11:26 pm

i think the easiest solution is to not answer the door. seems to work for me. the funny thing is though that being a female you have to, as with sex with a man, be in the mood to masturbate. apparently your mood is boredom. which is okay, but terribly inconvenient. for men like me masturbation really isn't about pleasure anymore, it's about survival. it's the down times, the between girlfriend times when you don't have that fuck that's just a phone call away. it's these times that we have to jerk one off not because we want to but because our bodies keep producing hormones wether we like it or not and if there isn't some sort of pressure release we go crazy. men don't have to be in the mood to masturbate. our chicken choking is inspired by desperation and, in my case, the fact that i haven't gotten laid in 3 months. with that said, don't answer your door, it's for the best.

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