this is my blog...  

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12/17/2005 12:38 am

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this is my blog...

yes, i know, i am going to be mean but it's going to be the truth. so i shall apoligize right now.


i am pissed off right now and since this is MY blog, i am going to vent.

i am having a very bad week and if no name would leave me alone it would get better!!!

so this is what happened. (and this has nothing to do with AdultFriendFinder, it's my "friends")

i get on yahoo and no name gets on. cool, we went to school together and we use to be real tight. so we start talking. and then no name up and says this, "i have a hot ass wife and my life is perfect. i really don't like you and i never have. you are the only person i talk to that isn't hot (he said something else but i ain't gonna repeat it), and this is going to be our last words." whew!

What the hell is the deal this week? i guess being me just isn't good enough.

my reply to this...?

"#1. i never once said that i wanted you. #2. you can't really say that your all that because as I recall, you weren't the "best liked" in school or the "best looking" or the most "popular". #3. i never would have expected YOU of all people to tell that i am "averagae or below average" #4. that's fine with me, but i always get the last word."

by the way, that was the "NICE" way to put what was said.

so now i am making a decision....

hot people SUCK. well, those that consider themselves "higher" then everyone else.

so, in conclusion to this, i have to say that if you want to hate/dislike someone for what they look like, not WHO they are, then your missing out on some great people.

i think i am going to lay off this BLOG thing for awhile.

i'm tired of writing......well, not writing in general cause i love writing poems, but i am tired of blogging for awhile.

and for everyone with my yahoo addy, if i don't respond, it's NOT you. i am really busy considering it's almost christmas, and if you've read my other blogs, you KNOW i'm busy.

way2sexyforashirt, your the best, thanks for the advice with my problems and for being a truely GREAT friend. YOUR THE BEST!!!

***love and hugs***


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