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Moradye had just reached a pinicle point in fantasy and in his career. Hologram technology more pleasurable then CyberPonies virtual porn. Moradye created the first hologram erotica that you could feel. No need for you too have what it takes for this new programing and sensory. His first avertisment had already been broadcasted on twelve intergalatic stations accross the universe and multiverse defying the importance of any other needs of sexual indulgement. Already stores of erotica and whore houses accross the universe lowered there prices too be ready for this new wave of superb erotica. bussness men began purchasing shares of stock in Moradye's new system.
Paraya a nyph from a suberbian planet of the Vouase system, was his center of attention for the last seventy two years. so naturaly she began to wonder if this new development of his would come between them. She performed her ussual ritual of the new day, then came to visit with her lover to find him indulging in yet another program. she watched through the computer window as he moaned in ecstasy. She was surprised to see that her lover had even created new species obviously of pure fantasy. As she watched the nakid bodies blend together in sweet sex, she became arroused yet was also angered, she set the program to invinate time seting, to lock her lover in his world of fantasy.

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Very Nice, creative, hottttt.

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