no. But it was a fabulous weekend!  

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5/16/2006 12:20 pm
no. But it was a fabulous weekend!

Hi everyone,

My eyes are killing me. Hay fever has started again. The mad rush to Boots happened last week. Buying up all the latest hay fever remedies. None of them worked. Except Piriton, which knocked me flat on my ass for 4days straight. No shit they can make you drowsy. But now i don't know if the cooler weather has calmed the pollen down or if it's the drugs.

So how the devil are you? Hope this finds you well and you're having a laugh. I've actually had a really good weekend. I was working Friday night at a club. Shooting loads of boring punter images, sexy lighting and some sexy punters. The majority off their faces on pills and chatting sh*t. But hooked up with this one girl. She was a student photog, spent most of the night talking shop. She had wonderful breasts and i got caught looking a couple of times, styled it out a bit, but you can only pull those moves a couple of times. Ooof. Anywho. Ended up going back to hers and had a really good time shagging. I don't care what anyone says, curvaceous girls rock. Slim girls are nice to photograph on some dude's arm, coz the camera always adds 10lbs, but the sexy curvaceous girls are doing it for me. Hmmm, then again the sexy curvaceous girls shot carefully still look so much nicer. Any of the guys out there care to comment... actually any of the ladies too?

Still horny as hell though. Oh yeah, shout to Melissa who is roasting as we speak, and doesn't wear any panties anymore as it's way too hot. =P

I'm working on a few new projects now. B&W of course. One of these days i'll have to post an image so you can see what i'm doing. Got a christening to shoot too, which should be fun.

Guess what? I'm horny again...



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