Sussed it, i'm collecting points! Today is a pretty good day.  

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9/16/2005 1:58 pm

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Sussed it, i'm collecting points! Today is a pretty good day.

Hi everyone,

I won't bore you with work stuff. But today a good mate left our firm. It's kinda sad to see good people go on to bigger and better things. But being successful is definitely a good look. Good luck to you Jase!

I very nearly upgraded my AdultFriendFinder account the day before yesterday on Wednesday 14th September. I still plan on doing that sometime soon, but until then i can collect points along the way. Why so specific with the date? Well it was my 30th birthday. I still feel like i should be sitting with the kiddies at family gatherings though. Not yet graduated to the adults table.

I had a laugh with some friends on Wed night. 8 shots and a few pints later i was on my back. Actually i was bent over looking at some roast beef on the pavement. Snap. I had roast beef for my lunch too.

AdultFriendFinder? oh yeah. I did wink at and invited a few people to my network, off of that compatible-with email you get. I guess no one was interested. Except for Phil from France who invited me to his. My spoken french is quite good. But, sorry Phil, my reading isn't.

Left a deposit for the new Canon 5D and 24-105mm L lens earlier this week. Can't wait to get a full frame digital sensor. And proper wide angle images again. I'm hoping someone on AdultFriendFinder will want some pictures taken of them oneday. They don't have to be full on. I prefer the tasteful ones anyway. It leaves a lot more to the imagination.

As a whole. This week has been a pretty good one.

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