Mad tired - hope i feel better after a snooze  

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10/8/2005 7:22 am

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Mad tired - hope i feel better after a snooze

Hi everyone,

How've you been? Me? What a week it's been. I've had lots of photog jobs and i now need to spend a lot more time in post (processing). =o(

I'm still desperate to shoot some more erotic photographs. I'd shot some soft and delicate images in the studio this week for this very beautiful lady. Wonderful lighting. Beautiful exposures. Looked fantastic in print. She was very happy.

Sigh. So i've not been able to spend as much time trawling through the profiles on AdultFriendFinder. I'm still looking for some fun. I've been viewed a few times by some more people. But it's not looking too good. Hehe. Some friends and i had a laugh about it last night. No doubt nearly everyone is having better luck at this than me. Mate, that sounds so desperate... =P

Hands up if any of you saw that program Obscene Machines on Channel 4 this week? Hehe. That was some really nice engineering. Must have been stainless too. Ahem. Oh yeah, and the business end of the machine was quite cool too. Nuff said.

How am i feeling right now? Tired. I've got to go hand in some work later on this evening. Think i might go for a snooze in a minute.

Quick one before i go, good luck to the England boys. Hope Sven's playing 4-4-2 again.


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