Lager, lager, lager! Should be a good night!  

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11/29/2005 1:51 pm

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Lager, lager, lager! Should be a good night!

Hi everyone,

Shame about the last post, eh? Only had a few people bother viewing it. Guess it must have been the subject matter. Not too many people checking in coz the balls must have scared them off. Hehe. Shame that, coz i thought it was a really good link to some really great work. Oh well.

So what's happening with me? Had some more people contact me via the Groups section for models for erotic stills photography. I can't wait to shoot them.

Some of you may remember i'd put my deposit down on the Canon 5D. I went to have a play with one last week and it's not what i was expecting. A bit plasticky, no weather sealing o-rings and still running on BP-511 batteries. A 1DS2 is what i really want. So i got it back. =o)

Ooh, I was on the tube last week. Haven't been on there for ages and it was really weird. Still just like i'd remembered it. Grumpy people, inconsiderate people, and lots of whiney school kids trying to be as loud as they can. Really nice atmosphere to go to work in. But it was all worth it to see a young girl give her seat up for an elderly lady. Sigh. Faith in humanity restored. Then those kids started up again.

I went to Barbican for a meeting and nearly had my eye poked out by somebody randomly pointing at something, then nearly got rammed off the steps by some folks flying down the wrong side of the steps with their luggage, and also had someone tread on my shoes. All without even an apology. Cheers!

Got some great Infra Red images in and around that part of town though. So it was all quite productive.

Shooting a Porsche 911 tomorrow. Got someone to act as a camera/tracking car to provide a stable platform for me to shoot from. Should be fun. Just hope the weather's good. Rain and electric digital cameras don't mix.

I fancy a beer or 2 now. Shout to the people drinking.

Be lucky,


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