It's looking like it could be a pretty good one... [wink]  

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4/8/2006 1:23 am
It's looking like it could be a pretty good one... [wink]

Hi everyone,

Been ages, eh? Yeah i know. Things have been crazy over the last few months.

Oops. I've forgotten my manners. How are you? =o)

Film is definitely the better medium. You digital shooters out there... ditch your dig and pick up your film cameras. I've had a few people contact me on AdultFriendFinder about shooting them together. Can't wait. Although my moody, abstract B&W images might not be what they want. We'll have to see.

I'm off on a landscape assignment next week for 2 weeks. I am really looking forward to that. Going to Wales and the Lake District. So if you see some dude under a darkcloth trying to focus a 5x4 camera, say hello.

Anything new and exciting to report? Nah not really. I keep meaning to send out a few emails to AdultFriendFinder members but it just doesn't happen. Just too busy. Hopefully i will get some more free time. No worries if i don't though.

Hey. Something that warmed my heart recently. And something that didn't. All of this will make sense in a minute. I was on the tube heading into town, and EVERYONE seems to sit on the seat right next to the doors. They're meant to be for the elderly and for parents with young kids! I was well shocked when this dude left the seat empty and sat next to it.

A few stops down some young kid giving it large and doing lots of male posturing, sat in the seat by the door. The dude next to him shook his head, but kept his head down reading his paper.

As the tube filled up, and people started standing in the aisle. He got up and offered his seat to this older woman. She was very grateful. And he made no fuss. Nice one dude. So why didn't i get up first and offer her my seat? Coz i had a bunch of little sh*ts standing around chatting the biggest load of garbage i've ever heard. I wasn't listening, honest guv!

So what really annoyed me? Smashed my chain as i was trying to jump a 4' gap on my push bike. Ate dirt, got all busted up and taco'd my wheel. Ooof. So check how much your chain has stretched!

I was meant to be out by the lake this morning. But i haven't written for so long i thought i might aswell put some time in here.

A note to all of you folks that have contacted me about a shoot. I will be in touch soon. It looks like it'll have to be in 2-3 weeks time. But i will contact you personally.

Oh whilst i'm venting. Peeps. All of you. Especially the ladies. When you walk past some guys. Turn back and have a look. Guys are always checking you out. Shout to the old guy at an office i had to work at. Won't mention any names, but what a dirty perv. There's nothing wrong with looking. But don't start rubbing yourself and getting off on it.

Oh. Definitely a lens-caps-off moment for Peter Benchley, aged 65. The author of Jaws. I was so scared after watching Jaws when i was a young lad. I had to go sleep in my parents' room!

All. Have a great weekend. Hope to have something juicy to tell you in a bit. [wink].

Well might aswell tell you something now. Recently hooked up with this girl. She'd wanted it up the poop. I had no objection, and went along with it. She'd loved it. I sorta did too. Just had to clean up afterwards. That was the nasty bit. Bleedin tomato seeds. Did you know at Heathrow Airport. Before work had started on T5. There was a sewage works right on the outskirts. Well. During the summer months, there were huge crops of tomato plants growing out there. How did they get there? You tell me....


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